Tips for Playing The Spirit in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Spirit Tips

The Spirit might be getting company.


hile most players will likely try survivor out first in Dead by Daylight there’s actually a wide variety of killers to try out and learn.

There are numerous killers in the game and that number only grows with each chapter patch. New survivors come into the game too but those are mostly just for perks while a new killer means a new playstyle to learn and master.

Whether it’s because of a Daily Ritual or something else, most players will end up playing as all of the killers at least once and nobody wants to be a complete potato when they play.

At the time of this writing, The Spirit is the newest killer to enter the game and there’s not quite anything like her. She has a high ceiling so she will only get better the more you play her.

Here are some tips for playing The Spirit.

Use Your Passive Phasing

One of the cool things about The Spirit is her ability to phase. This allows her to quickly cover the map and go invisible at the same time.

What many Spirit players may not know is the Spirit also looks like she starts a phase without doing anything. This is called passive phasing and you can increase the frequency of it using add-ons if you’d like.

You can use the passive phasing at vault spots and pallets to make it look like you entered your phase walk to force the survivor to misplay. This probably won’t work as players get used to her but you can likely get at least one survivor to vault back into you as you stand in one spot.

Don’t Use Your Whole Phasewalk at Once

The Spirit can have great map control in proper hands but that map control comes at a cost.

Her phasewalk can take her far but if you use the whole thing at once it will take another 20 seconds for it to recharge. This can be brutal if you’re in the middle of the chase since The Spirit is one of the slower killers in the game.

What you could do is use half of your walk, get the speed boost out of the walk and then have it recharge in 10 seconds instead of the full 20. This can help you use your power quicker and still gain ground in a chase.

Listen to All Sounds

While The Spirit is phasing she will not have the ability to see survivors or blood. You can see the blood through the use of add-ons but you’ll usually have to rely on just scratch marks.

Good survivors are able to counter this by not running anymore, thus leaving no more scratch marks. This is where you’ll need to listen to the survivor’s breathing or their loud grunting while injured. This can be countered by survivors running Iron Will but that isn’t really a meta perk so we don’t see it a whole lot.

Our best success with The Spirit comes after you hit a person in the chase so you can hear the breathing and grunting, making them an easy target to find if you’re following the scratch marks.

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