DJ Llama Skin Teased For Season 6 in Fortnite

Fortnite DJ Llama Season 6

Fortnite’s sixth season is rapidly approaching and developer Epic Games have begun teasing new skins. One of these outfits is the DJ Llama, which was revealed via Fortnite’s Twitter account earlier today. This marks the first new skin shown for Season 6, but the actual outfit doesn’t tell us a lot about what to expect on Thursday.

Given that some of the skins teased before Season 5 released weren’t available right away, there’s a chance the DJ won’t be tied to the Battle Pass. There still very little info on what the next theme will be, but the Daft Punk style helmet could suggest a sci-fi angle.

Since the mysterious Cube left runes tied to the Visitor skin, we could see a futuristic setting full of aliens, robots, and advanced technology. Another popular theory is Season 6’s theme revolves around the various food mascots battling it out. This would certainly be one of the coolest concepts and it would work perfectly with the silly tone of Fortnite.

We will find out soon enough since Season 6 begins on September 27.

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