10 Dragalia Lost Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Ever since Nintendo entered the mobile gaming market, they’ve produced a few quality titles.

Fire Emblem Heroes, Super Mario Run, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp have all been instant successes. In conjunction with Cygames, Nintendo has produced a brand new top-down action RPG. And that game is the incredibly addictive, dragon bonding adventure known as Dragalia Lost. As Euden, you’ll be entrusted with taking down evil itself while accompanied by three powerful allies. You’ll need some worthwhile assistance during your journey, which is why this guide has been prepared for you.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Dragalia Lost:

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1. Explore Every Nook and Cranny of the Map

Dragalia Lost

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Dragalia Lost throws you into a large variety of stages to run through. As you make your way around the stage map, the path becomes clearer. Before you start moving, tap the map icon in the top right corner so the pathway icon becomes visible in the top center portion of your screen.

• That’ll make it easier for you to see which areas you’ve already been to and which ones you have yet to comb through. Don’t just bash enemies and head straight for the boss – a true adventurer fully explores each and every part of a stage. Plenty of extra treasures await, plus sparkling plant life and barrels hide useful goodies as well. By the way, you can usually find instant healing potions and dragon gauge gems before you take on a boss.

2. Become Familiar With Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses

Dragalia Lost

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• Characters, enemies, and stages are affiliated with a particular element. Be mindful of those elemental ties when you’re in the middle of constructing your party. It’s best if you run onto a Wind-based stage with a party full of Fire-based warriors, for example. Flame is strong against Wind, Wind is strong against Water, Water is strong against Fire, Light is strong against Dark, and Dark is strong against Light. In order to give any of your character’s an extra edge against their elemental weakness, be sure to unlock their affliction resistance in their Mana Circle.

3. Save Your Skills and Dragon Charge for the Boss Encounter

Dragalia Lost

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• Taking down bosses is a tough endeavor to undertake. Not only do you have to whittle down their large HP meter, you also have to pay attention to their “Overdrive” activation. This overpowered mode occurs after a boss endures a certain amount of damage from your party. Once a boss enters Overdrive mode, it’s time to break out your special attack.

• Activate your currently controlled character’s special attack and immediately call in your extra assist character to land theirs. You should also rely on your charged “Force Strike” attack, which can break enemy barriers and reduce a boss’ Overdrive meter. If you happen to have enough meter to transform into a Dragon, activate that ability once a boss is broken. These battle tactics should make quick work of any boss!

4. So What are Those Endeavors All About?

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• So “Endeavors” function as Dragalia Lost’s version of Achievements. At the main menu, you can check out your Daily, Limited, Normal, and Special Endeavors. And during stage run’s, you’ll have three Battle Endeavors to complete. Just pause the game while you’re playing to get a reminder of what those three Battle Endeavors are if you forget them. Plenty of rewards come your way just for completing both types of Endeavors. Don’t forget to collect all your goodies before you completely exit the game – tap on the gift box icon in the top right corner of the main menu to claim all your rewards from Endeavors.

5. Spend Some Time Upgrading Every Part of Your Party

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Dragalia Lost gives you a ton of party attributes to upgrade, such as your Adventurers, their Mana Circles, Weapons, Crafting, Wyrmprints, and Dragons. As you unlock new characters, be sure to upgrade your weaker ones so you’ll be able to place them into one of your assorted party lineups. When it comes to the Mana Circle character upgrades, be sure to unlock a character’s Force Strike ability ASAP! Also, you can let the game activate several character nodes for you just by tapping on “Auto.” This makes the Mana Circle character upgrading process go by a bit faster.

• Weapons, Crafting, Wyrmprints, and Dragons upgrading does a good job of strengthening your party. For Wyrmprints in particular, you’ll want to unbind (combine) Wyrmprints of the same type and upgrade the ones that are already equipped to your characters. You’ll definitely want to do the same for your currently equipped Dragons as well. All of your strongest Adventurers need be attached to a dragon at some point.

6. Pay a Visit to the Castle

Dragalia Lost – The History of Alberia – Part 2Official English Twitter Account: twitter.com/dragalialostapp Official website: dragalialost.com/ ESRB Rating: TEEN with Fantasy Violence, Sexual Themes / Users Interact, In-game Purchases Rated PEGI 12 (Sexual Innuendo, Mild Swearing) ACB Rating: Mature (Sexual References, Online Interactivity)2018-09-18T04:26:25.000Z

• Take a stroll through the “Castle Grounds” from time to time. This area is where you’ll be able to place different buildings around it and produce all types of beneficial items. For example, having a Rupie Mine means you’ll produce the currency needed to purchase Upgrade Essentials from the shop.

• The Dragon’s Roost also lies here, which is a special location that lets you gift your Dragons and increase your bond with them. Once a dragon’s bond meter completely fills, you’ll receive several gifts in return and a character’s transformation time with them increases. And finally, you can check out the game’s three story types within the Castle menu – Adventurer, Dragon, and Castle Stories. Reading through these tales means you’ll always walk away with some extra Wyrmite.

7. Replay Already Beaten Stages in Order to Farm Experience and Items

Dragalia Lost

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• As you venture through Dragalia Lost’s numerous maps and stages, you’ll have to fend off even tougher foes and big bosses. In order to level up newly unlocked characters and get your hands on specific items, you should spend your time revisiting past quests. You can manually play through them once more or collect all of its EXP and rewards in an instant by using a Skip Ticket. This method is the best way to make sure all your parties are equally leveled up for much tougher future quests.

8. Build Six Varied Parties

Dragalia Lost

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• Within the “Teams” menu, you can spend some time building six different party lineups. Your main team should be the one you take into the game’s main quests – you should regularly switch adventurers in and out of this team depending on a stage’s element and suggested team party rating.

• As for the rest of your five teams, build different varieties of each team for different types of game modes/quests. For instance, put together a team that you prefer to take into Daily Quests, Co-Op, and Events. Or put together a team full of Adventurers with the same elemental type or four separate elemental affiliations. Go crazy with your team customization!

9. Always Go for the Tenfold Summon

Dragalia Lost

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• The “Summon” tab lets you add new Adventurers to your party. If you have the Diamantium to do so, purchase the Daily Deal adventurer if it’s a preferred character you really want. Don’t waste your Wyrmite on a Single Summon, you should always put it towards the Tenfold Summon option. That much preferred option guarantees you’ll unlock a four-star rated or higher Adventurer, Dragon, or Wyrmprints. Plus you’ll also get your hands on on some other worthwhile items.

10. Get Friendly!

Dragalia Lost

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• Before each quest, you’ll be given the option of selecting an extra party member. This sixth adventurer is pretty much relegated to only activating their special attack during battle. Extra party members are all tied to a real Dragalia Lost player – you should send out a friend request to that Adventurer’s player every time you successfully complete a stage. You’ll always have an army of powerful Adventurers to call upon if you happen to be cool with the person who upgraded them into a powerhouse.

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