Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveal Trailers for Android 17 & Free Update Content

So it looks as if the first season of Dragon Ball FighterZ’s DLC characters is complete.

And what a lineup it has been! Fans were treated to the pairings of Broly & Bardock, Fused Zamasu & Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegito, and Base Goku and Base Vegeta. And come September 28, Dragon Ball FighterZ will deliver one more group of fan requested characters. The first part of that DLC package was revealed at this year’s past Evo tournament – Cooler.

And now we all know who’s coming with him – Dragon Ball Super’s evolved version of Android 17. The official Japanese website for the game offers a pretty apt description for the swift and deadly combatant – “With overwhelming quickness, he always makes the first move and specializes in pressuring his opponent in keeping the pressure up this way, an infighter focused on speed. When the opponent moves in to attack, he’ll give them a taste of their own medicine with his Super Electric Strike!” Android 17’s movelist includes abilities such as “Barrier Explosion,” “End Game,” and his “Super Electric Strike” Meteor Attack.

Along with the combined Cooler and Android 17 DLC character set, Dragon Ball FighterZ will also receive a free update. That update will include a new stage (“Space Arena”) and seasonal Z Capsules that gifts players with Halloween themed lobby character costumes and stamps. Those seasonal goodies will only be available until late November. All of this free update content for Dragon Ball FighterZ is already available to download.

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