How to Trigger the Ether Ritual Heroic Public Event in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Forsaken Ether Ritual Heroic

Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion has officially released and it’s bringing a ton of content. While many will be completing the campaign and collecting the new loot, others will want to test their skill in the new Public Events on the Tangled Shore. There are two new Public Events in Forsaken, each of which has a Heroic modifier that you can trigger.

Here’s how to trigger the Heroic Ether Ritual Public Event:

1. Kill the Boss that Spawns

When the Ether Ritual starts the Scorn Chieftan will go to one of three Servitors near him. Make a mental note of which one he goes to because it’s going to be important for the next step. Right now all you have to do is kill the boss before the timer expires – which is pretty easy if you have a team. When you’re about to kill him make sure you’re facing him.

2. Shoot the Corrupted Ether Blobs

Upon his death, a swarm of ether blobs will spawn and begin to float towards the center Servitor. It’s imperative that none of these blobs make it to the broken Servitor in the center otherwise you cannot trigger the Heroic Public Event. This is going to be very tricky by yourself, so don’t expect to do it right away. If you have a fireteam, consider posting one person on add duty to ensure you’re not overrun.

We recommend either using an AoE (Area of Effect) Super or rapid fire weapon. Focus fire all of the blobs until they are gone. Once this happens you will spawn another boss and have to repeat the entire process again. Continue to kill the bosses and blow up the swarms of ether until the Heroic Public Event modifier is triggered. 

3. Kill the Heroic Boss

Now that you’ve started the Heroic Public Event you’ll have to contend with a rather angry and powerful Scorn boss. This foe is quite dangerous, so make sure to use the broken Servitors for cover if he begins to focus fire you. Once he goes down you will have completed the Heroic Ether Ritual Public Event.

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