5 Gambit Tips and Tricks For Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Gambit Tips

Gambit is the newest multiplayer game mode introduced into Bungie’s FPS/RPG hybrid, Destiny 2. Set to debut with the Forsaken expansion on September 4, Bungie is letting players try Gambit out for a single day on September 1. While this mode might have a few familiar elements for both the PvE and PvP crowd, it requires a very different mindset going in.

At the time of writing this, the Forsaken expansion has not released. Because of this, we will not include any tips based around using elements from this DLC. However, after Forsaken launches, we will update this guide with relevant information pertaining to the expansion.

This is a guide for beginners who are completely new to playing Gambit. Below we will cover important concepts and mechanics revolving around this mode. After the expansions releases, we will be posting an advanced guide for Gambit.

Here are 5 Gambit tips and tricks to help you get started in Destiny 2:

1. Your Loadout Matters

Destiny 2 Gambit

Gambit is a unique monster that fuses both PvP and PvE elements. Despite having the option to fight other players you’ll want to plan for primarily dealing with NPC foes. Killing enemies quickly and efficiently is vital to your victory. A team that can slay enemies faster, bank motes, and then get to their Primeval will have a better chance at victory.

Because of this, we recommend selecting weapons and armor that are better suited to slaying mobs of NPCs. Exotic weapons like The Wardcliff Coil, Legend of Acruis, Sunshot, Telesto, Fighting Lion, Sweet Business, Graviton Lance, and Merciless are great for quickly eliminating targets.

The Wardcliff Coil is especially potent since it has great single target damage and the scatter of rockets can punish an enemy team who are clumped together. The Sleeper Simulant is an absolute monster in this mode if you can land your shots. It’s a great invader weapon thanks to its range and stopping power.

Perks such as Rampage, Dragonfly, Cluster Bomb, and Auto-Loading Holster are all great for this mode. They allow you to build up momentum and quickly remove groups of foes with little effort. Just make sure to grab the Heavy ammo in the middle when it spawns.

Try to avoid PvP focused Exotics like the Knucklehead Radar, MIDA Multi-Tool, and The Colony. Despite being very potent against Guardians, these are not as effective against some of the more powerful NPCs. The only exception to having a PvP loadout is if your Fireteam has a dedicated Invader.

2. Dictate Roles

Destiny 2 Gambit

Whether you’re with friends or playing with random teammates, it’s important that everyone knows their role. There is a lot of plates spinning in a Gambit match and one of the last things you want is having two people constantly fighting over being the Invader. Your team will also have to worry about clearing the blockers that appear, which can severely hinder your team’s momentum.

We recommend the following:

  • 2 Dedicated Add Killers
  • 1 Invader
  • 1 Floater

Two of your teammates should always be killing enemies and returning motes whenever possible. This is a fairly easy job, but speed is vital if you want to win. The Invader should always help with killing adds, but when there is a chance to invade they need to go for it. Disrupting your foes can severely slow them down, especially once the Primeval is out.

Finally, the Floater should focus on both killing enemies and clearing out the blockers that appear. This job will have you primarily fighting the NPC enemies, but the Floater should be willing to Invade if needed. We recommend that the Floater runs a rocket or grenade launcher so they can quickly kill any blockers.

3. Don’t Be a Hoarder

Destiny 2 Gambit

It can be very tempting to collect as many Motes as possible before banking them, but we actually recommend against this. Unless you are going for a level 3 blocker, the best method is to make small, frequent deposits. This ensures that you are constantly sending over a level blockers and slowing your foes down.

As soon as you get to 5 motes go and bank them. You want to get a level 1 blocker up as soon as possible to stall your enemies. Gambit is all about maintaining a momentum and blockers are used to disrupt this. Another fun trick is to send a blocker over either right as you invade or immediately after. This ensures that your foes have to deal with more threats before they can get on the scoreboard.

Here is how many motes you need for each blocker:

  • 5 Motes – Level 1 Blocker (Taken Phalanx)
  • 10 Motes – Level 2 Blocker (Taken Knight)
  • 15 Motes – Level 3 Blocker  (Ogre)

Banking frequently has the added benefit of not setting your team back if an Invader kills you. Since the enemy player can see everyone and how many motes you have, they will typically go for the person with the most. Keeping your count low allows the loss of a teammate to not damage your progress in a significant way.

Only go for high mote counts if you’ve just killed an enemy invader or are going for a level 3 blocker. Otherwise, stick between the level 1 & 2 blockers – especially if you’re behind.

4. Always Prioritize the Invader

Destiny 2 Gambit

Unless you are literally about to kill the boss or bank a ton of emotes, your team should always prioritize killing the enemy Invader. A Guardian can do more damage to your team than any combination of NPC foes. The portal will open once 25 and 50 motes have been added in. Once a team hits 75 motes and summons their Primeval, the enemy team can continue to invade until the boss is dead.

Once someone has invaded your game the Drifter will alert your team. When this happens, focus your attention on this person. Try to stay close, but not huddle together enough that a single rocket will kill everyone.

The Invader does not have health regeneration, but they are gifted an Overshield that doesn’t decay. Since the Invader won’t be attacked by your side’s NPCs, try to fight him in an area where they cannot use other enemies as a shield. Make the Invader fight on your terms and you should have an easier time. Supers like the Nova Bomb and Golden Gun are excellent for quickly dispatching an Invading threat.

5. Don’t Lose Sight of Your Goal

Even though invading an enemy team can be a ton of fun, it’s vital not to get tunnel vision. The ultimate goal is to kill your Primeval first, which is far easier said than done. After this behemoth has been summoned your opponents can continuously invade your world. Any time that one of your teammates dies the health of the Primeval will reset.

Because of this, it’s important that you first kill the Lieutenants that spawn with the Primeval. Their health bars will not regenerate upon a teammates death and their removal weakens the Primeval. The trick is to weaken the Primeval enough so you can kill him before an Invader kills you.

If you have a Super, wait until all the Lieutenants are dead before popping it. You can quickly melt the health bar of the Primeval if you focus all your attention on it. We recommend trying to kill the boss after the Invader has left your world. This ensures that you’ll have roughly 10-15 seconds to focus the Primeval before the portal to your side re-opens.