How to Get Your First Bow in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 Forsaken Bow

Destiny 2’s first major expansion – Forsaken – has officially launched and it’s bringing a whole plethora of new weapons, armor, and items for you to collect. One of the coolest things introduced with this DLC is bows. These precision weapons allow skilled players to quickly dispatch enemies with a single shot. This is the first new archetype of weapons introduced into Destiny 2 since its launch, so naturally, you’re going to want to get your hands on one.

Previously, only a very, very small group got to use the bow thanks to some of the Forsaken gear dropping the prior week. However, this isn’t a consistent method of obtaining it, so here is when every Guardian can obtain their first bow in Forsaken.

While it’s possible to unlock a bow via engrams, Destiny 2 will actually reward you one early on for finishing a specific campaign mission. As you play through Forsaken, you’ll eventually be sent to the Tangled Shore. During this mission, you’ll eventually be asked by Petra to aid a Fallen leader called the Spider. This quest involves your Guardian fighting through waves of Scorn until it’s safe to open up Spider’s bunker.

Thankfully, you will be backed up by Spider’s Fallen soldiers, so make sure to use them to draw fire away from yourself. After killing all of the Scorn the door to Spider’s bunker will be revealed and you can head inside, triggering a cutscene.

After this is over, go and talk to Petra on your right and you’ll be rewarded with the Precision Frame bow, No Turning Back. This is will fit into your Primary Weapon slot and the version Petra gives you will have explosive arrowheads. These are extremely good for taking out small groups of enemies or dealing extra damage to majors or bosses. Remember this isn’t the only bow you will get in-game, but you are guaranteed one for finishing this quest.

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