How to Kill Gravetide Summoner in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 Gravetide Summoner

Another week of bounties has arrived in Destiny 2 Forsaken so it’s time to hunt down a high-value target. This week we are on the prowl fora Hive Wizard known as the Gravetide Summoner. Located on Titan, this fight is quite intense and will be tricky for those who cannot handle multiple targets at once. Thankfully, a patient and alert player can finish this bounty with little trouble.

When the Adventure starts, fight your way through the wall of Hive and Fallen enemies until you reach a medium sized room with three Wizards in it. Two of these Wizards are normal and one of them is the Gravetide Summoner. Kill all the enemies in the room – including the two additional Wizards – and immediately head back to the side you entered from.

The Wizard will now summon a large and very powerful Ogre that takes up half the damn room. Your goal is to kill the Ogre in order to drop the shields off the Wizard and make it vulnerable to damage. This is easier said than done since the Ogre can absolutely massacre you even if you’re at a high Light Level.

However, the Ogre won’t really move around the room so you can take cover behind the servers to the right of the door you enter from. These are the best pieces of cover for this fight since they block the Ogre’s eye beam and most of the secondary fire from other foes. Once in cover, start damaging this fiend until additional Hive Thralls and Cursed Thralls spawn.

Make these your priority targets.

Killing the Summoner Thralls will give you a buff that we believe increases your damage against the Ogre. It’s possible this buff lets you break the Wizards shield, but we could never get close without losing the majority of our health from the Ogre. After you kill all the enemies, return to damaging the Ogre until the next wave arrives.

Once he reaches half health, Hive Knights will spawn with Arc Shields. Make sure to kill these enemies because their Boomers deal a lot of damage. Continue damaging the Ogre and cleaning up reinforcements until it falls. After the Ogre dies the Wizard will join the party and begin attacking. If you have a shotgun or a Super, rush this creature and attack.

She has a pretty low health pool so you can easily dispatch her without any trouble. Just make sure to deal with the Shrieker she conjures when the Ogre is close to death. For this fight, we highly recommend a shotgun or fusion rifle as a secondary. Make sure to have a way to deal Arc damage so you can quickly bust the shields on the Knights. Snipers are also useful here, but only if you’re confident at landing quick, close-range shots.

Remember to always hide behind cover when fighting the other enemies otherwise, the Ogre will absolutely wreck you.

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