10 Heir of Light Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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The darkness must dissipate!

And the only way that action can come to pass is through the efforts of your Masters and Servants. Heir of Light drops you into a gothic world full of dangerous beasts who’re out to destroy your world. This developer curated tips guide will give you the know-how needed to claim victory. As the chosen Heir of Light, you’ll be trusted with pushing back evil and bringing light back to a lost world. This guide will accompany you on your journey.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Heir of Light:

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1. Unlock Those Black Market Slots

• Once your Player Level hits 14, the “Black Market” finally unlocks. Your Gold can be spent on a variety of amazing items within it. Be sure to unlock all 10 Black Market item slots so you can take full advantage of everything being offered within the shop. Keep in mind that the items being sold in the Black Market refreshes every hour.

2. Complete Game Guide Quests

• After completing Cult Estate 12-2, the “Game Guide” will become available to you. The guided quests given to you by this Achievements system are broken up into “Upgrade Guide,” “Level Up Guide”, and “Misc Guide.” The guided quests detailed within the Game Guide are basic training missions that give you an extra tutorial on everything you need to know about Heir of Light. You should regularly pay a visit to the Game Guide and accept a new mission – plenty of useful rewards await you upon successful mission completion.

3. Understand Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses

Heir of Light


• During battle, you’ll need to take a character’s elemental association into account. The elements featured in the game are Fire, Water, Forest, Light, and Dark. These elements have an impact on the Damage and Aggro stats for a character. Fire is strong against Forest, Forest is strong against Water, and Water is strong against Fire. Light is strong against Dark and vice versa.

4. Chain Together Combo Skills

Heir of Light


• Combo Skills are very powerful attacks that pairs together Masters and Servants. When you correctly pair a Servant’s Primary and Secondary Mark, they have a chance of executing a “Chain Combo Skill.” You can usually chain up to three Combos. It’s best to set your battle commands to “Auto” so you can simply pre-select your Skills and set them up in your preferred order of activation. You should focus on setting up attacks for characters who have the main elemental advantage over your current foe.

5. Restat Your Master’s Skills

Heir of Light


• You can choose to reset and restat your Master’s Skill points at anytime. Experiment with the best combinations that benefits different party lineups.

6. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Specific Battle Symbols and Colors

Heir of Battle


• While in the heat of battle, stay on top of all the different symbols and indicators that pop up on screen. Buffs (Beneficial status) are Icons with a Red Color. Debuffs (Negative status) are Icons with a Blue Color. Damage Value (White) represent Normal Damage, Damage Value (Orange) represents Critical Damage.

7. Focus on Awakening Your Servants

• Servants will unlock their powerful Passive Skills once they’re awakened for the first time. Be sure to focus on awakening them to unlock their true potential. Servants are ranked by their star level, so you should definitely focus on strengthening the most powerful heroes of each element. It’s worth investing your Awakening efforts into one major hero from each element.

8. Upgrade Your Awakening Stones

• See those three lines in the top right corner of the main menu? Click on that to get an overview of all the different modes that are available in Heir of Light. Forgot where the “Guild” option is? Still having a hard time accessing the Black Market? Just tap on those aforementioned three lines. You can also go here to upgrade your Element Stones. Basically, all the important info you need to know and all the modes you need to access are listed within this menu tab.

9. Play for at Least One Hour Per Day

Heir of Light


• Another portion of the main menu you should pay special attention to is the “Reward” menu. Here is where you’ll collect the majority of goodies you’ll receive just by logging in and using Ticket and Currency Coupons. You can also gain rewards based on your total play time. Just by playing Heir of Light for an hour, you’ll gain an Epic Summon Stone!

10. Take a Trip to Mystery Dungeons

• You’ll acquire Servant Shards upon clearing a Mystery Dungeon. Once you gain enough of these Shards, you’ll be able to summon that particular Servant. If you see someone announce a mystery dungeon, just simply request to join and attempt to claim a powerful new Servant.

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