How to Kill the Herald of the Plague in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 Herald of the Plague

Destiny 2’s newest expansion Forsaken is filled with content, but one of the most important pieces added is The Blind Well. This endgame activity focuses on killing waves of angry Scorn until a powerful boss arrives. There are three levels to The Blind Well, with enemies getting tougher the higher you ascend. If you’re looking to obtain Powerful Gear or a new Super you’ll have to at least play Blind Well’s second level.

Standing in your way for both level one and two is the Herald of the Plague. This monstrous abomination has a rather large health bar and can do some serious damage if you’re caught out in the open. Killing him the first time can also be tricky since he has an invulnerable shield that can only be lowered with a certain buff. However, if you’ve been paying attention during the Blind Well then you will have an idea of how to shut this foe down.

When the fight starts some Scorn will spawn with a white glow around them. When killed, these enemies will drop a blue orb that gives you a temporary buff called “Harmony.” Once a player has the Harmony buff they can damage the boss’ shield for 10 seconds. Unless you are very high Light or have a powerful explosive weapon you probably won’t take his shield down.

However, when you grab this ball from the glowing Scorn you will quickly fill up your Super bar. This means you can continuously use high damaging Supers – such as the Stomercallers new beam of energy – to quickly burn down the boss’ shield. Once the shield breaks just pour on the damage until he dies. The Herald of the Plague is pretty easy one his shield is gone, so make sure to grab those buffs as soon as possible.

For Tier II, you’ll need to take down two of these bosses, so approach this fight the same way. Focus only on one at a time (unless you have around 8-9 people) to ensure that this foe dies quickly. There’s enough time to kill both of them as long as you take their shields down in a timely manner. Make sure to keep using your Supers to either damage the Heralds or wipe out the mobs surrounding them.

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