10 Hungry Dragon Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Ubisoft clearly knows how addictive its line of “hungry animal simulators” can be.

Everyone seemed to adore the Hungry Shark games, which let you live out your underwater terror fantasies. In a cool twist on the successful formula, Ubisoft has taken things into a more fantastical realm with Hungry Dragon. Now you’re tasked with taking flight as a fire-breathing dragon who’s out to munch on anything it comes across. With our helpful tips guide, you’ll be burning down giants, chowing down on trolls, finding treasure chests, and discovering new locations in no time.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Hungry Dragon:

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1. Get Acquainted With Each Dragon Type

Hungry Dragon


Hungry Dragon features a nice variety of fire-breathing lizards that are categorized under different sizes. When you completely fill the upgrade meter for your current dragon, a new one becomes unlocked. The dragon sizes you’ll come across are XS, S, M, L, and XL. Some of these sizes even feature more than one dragon type.

• Once you become the owner of a new dragon, be sure to study up on how many pets it can equip, what’s edible for them, what destructible objects they can get past etc. All you have to do to come across this information is simply tap on the “i” icon above your new dragon. The menu that pops up immediately afterwards offers a nice breakdown of what your new dragon can do.

2. Choose Your Pets Loadout and Costumes Wisely

Hungry Dragon


• As you fly through the air and terrorize everything around you, you’ll eventually come across a collectible egg of two. You can also acquire this item by completing Collaborative Quests and being gifted with new eggs. Once hatched, eggs gift you with Pets. These cute yet oh so feisty creatures come with their own special abilities or boosters.

• Pets are categorized under the following classes – Food, Health, Speed, Score, Fire, Defense, and Unique. As you unlock new dragons and have the ability to equip more than one Pet, mix and match your picks from different classes. Say for instance you’re looking to make your dragon a fire breathing menace with a good amount of HP and speed. Equipping pets from the Fire, Health, and Speed classes are the way to go.

• By the way, dragons come with their own costumes that alter their abilities. For example, Mad Snax can don a “Biohazard” costume that helps it take less poison damage. Take your dragon’s outfit selection under consideration along with the Pets you choose to equip it with.

3. Always Make it a Habit of Completing Missions

Hungry Dragon Missions


• Before you hop into a new stage run, check out the current lineup of missions you’re asked to complete. When you finally do hop into the game and forget what those missions are, simply pause the game and look them up again within the menu that pops up. Always try to complete all three missions during your current stage run – that way, you’ll gain all the rewards they promised you upon completion and you’ll be given fresh new missions to complete. Completing missions will help you gain plenty of coins for your future purchases.

4. And Don’t Forget About the Collaborative Quest and Tournaments

• When a Collaborative Quest is active, do your best to fulfill the goal it asks of you and the game’s massive community. Like the name suggests, this mission is a collaborative effort. Do your part and you’ll come to own a nice serving of coins, gems, and eggs for your efforts once the quest timer wraps up.

• Another feature of the game you need to be aware of is its Tournaments. During the tourney period, you’ll need to register your highest scoring run to get a good placing on the leaderboard. If you complete a run better than your previous score, that new score run will take its place. A good stage run + a high spot on the tournament leaderboard = QUALITY REWARDS!

5. Try Out the Tilt Control Feature

Hungry Dragon


• You may not have known this, but Hungry Dragon offers its players a motion control option. In order to activate it, simply click on the “Settings” gear icon in the top left corner of the menu screen. Then turn on the “Tilt Control” feature. While you may have already gotten used to using the game’s virtual D-Pad, the Tilt Control option will quickly become your preferred way of playing once you get used to it. You’ll come to notice that this option helps your dragon maneuver through the skies a bit smoother and faster than usual. Motion controls are the way to go, especially when you’re trying to get the hang of guiding an XL dragon.

6. The Map is Your Best Friend

• The in-game map reveals all of the valuable collectibles your dragon needs to acquire. If you want the map to reveal all of a stage’s bonus locations, click on the map icon before a stage run or during a stage run. When you spot the “Free” icon, click on it and get through the following video advertisement. This can only be done every four hours, by the way. After you pull this off, your map will push you in the right direction towards chests, eggs, and letters.

7. Take Note of All the Locations You Discover

Hungry Dragon


• The world of Hungry Dragon is home to humans, giant trolls, other dragons, goblins, and all manners of wildlife. As you fly into different locations, you’ll come across larger pieces of prey. Depending on the dragon you’re currently feeding, be aware of the locations you’ve already been to.

• Take note of the locations your dragon is too undersized to eat within and the spots they prosper in. Say for instance, you’re trying to pull off a good run with a S-sized dragon. Be sure not to take them into areas where club swinging trolls or ghosts are more present. When you unlock a larger dragon, immediately head to those areas you couldn’t survive in before and wreak havoc!

8. Boost as Much as You Can to Explore “The Beyond” and Rivers

• So there’s actually two areas you can’t freely navigate – a sky hub known as “The Beyond” and the small bodies of water you try to swim through. If you attempt to fly into any of these two areas, you’ll last a few seconds within them before your dragon automatically flies back to a freely explorable area. The best way to quickly pick up the coins that reside in these areas is by boosting into the golden stars and through the hoops you spot. You’ll last a few extra seconds if you boost as much as you can in either location, which means you have a little bit of time to get all those extra coins.

9. Target Larger Prey & Steer Clear of Poisonous Hazards and Mines to Stay Alive Much Longer

Hungry Dragon


• Staying alive as long as you can is the main premise of Hungry Dragon. You can munch on birds and other types of smaller meals, but enjoying much longer stage runs is done by eating much larger prey. During the beginning portions of a stage run, munch on whatever comes across your path. Eating smaller prey helps you acquire a high score multiplier, which boosts your score to shocking levels.

• During the middle of your stage run, go for the much bigger meals – you’ll stay alive even longer as you consume huge spiders, other dragons, and flying witches. Make sure you use your boost so you can catch up to any fleeing/attacking humans, swift witches, and other fast-moving flying creatures. And do your best to avoid any hazardous projectiles, such as mines and poisonous objects. Your dragon will be much better off by not eating poison fumes spewing spiders, by the way.

10. Activate Your Fire Rush to Rack Up Even More Coins

Hungry Dragon


• As you eat everything in sight and raise your score multiplier, you’ll also begin to fill your “Fire Rush” meter. Once it’s filled all the way, your dragon will begin spewing a constant flame out of its mouth that turns its prey into ashes. The best way to take advantage of this powered-up period is by equipping your dragon with a Fire-themed Pet.

• If you really want to go overboard with your fire-breathing rampage, equip one of your favorite dragon’s with nothing but Fire pets. Doing this helps increase your dragon’s fire range, size, and duration. Plus one of your Fire-powered Pets can also burn down some foes even when your dragon isn’t in Fire Rush mode. Rack up all those extra coins and raise your score even more when your dragon is currently blasting flames.

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