How to Kill Combustor Valus in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 Combustor Valus

The first weekly reset for Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion has officially dropped and that means another target you need to hunt down. Named Combustor Valus, you can find this Cabal leader on Mercury by the only Lost Sector on the planet. This is a much tougher fight than Bloodcleaver so we recommend being at least 520 or having a set of guns at 520.

To start, fight your way through the horde of enemies until you reach a large room with a big orange shield. Inside is Combustor Valus along with two or three Phalanx Cabal. However, it’s the soldiers around Valus’ shield that you’ll need to worry about. There are usually a couple or orange bar flamethrower wielding Cabal, a Centurion, basic Legionaries, and some Psions.

All of them can do a lot of damage and most have shields. Because of this we recommend only bringing Void and Solar based weapons. There are no Arc shields in the boss room and Valus himself has a Void shield that can be tough to break.

When you enter the room, clear out all the enemies except the ones chilling in his bubble. Just like Bloodcleaver, Valus won’t leave this designated area. We believe that you can destroy the generator protecting him, but having him contained is way easier. Unlike Bloodcleaver, once inside the shield you will begin to take burn damage, but won’t be suppressed. This means you are free to shoot, stab, and blast Valus as much as you want.

Just like before, step in and take a few shots before retreating back out of the bubble. Since you can use anything inside, shotguns, rockets, grenade launchers, and linear fusion rifles are fantastic for depleting his health bar. While you don’t have to, consider taking out the Phalanx bodyguards to ensure that they don’t block your shots.

After he takes a bit of damage more enemies will flood the room that you’ll have to kill. To deal with them – especially if you’re underleveled – set up shop at the entrance to this room. Enemies won’t follow you down the stairs, so it’s a great place to recover health and catch your breath. Use this to your advantage and kill enemies from afar until the outside of the bubble is clear.

Repeat these steps about six or seven times and you can bring down the mighty Combustor Valus. For this fight, we used a Voidwalker Warlock with the Lord of Wolves and a Void rocket launcher. Pick Supers that are good for single targets such as Golden Gun, Hammers of Sol, and Nova Bomb. This fight can be a bit tricky, so make sure to bring a friend if you’re struggling with his reinforcements.

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