How to Beat Shuro Chi in the Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid

Destiny 2 Shuro Chi raid

The next encounter of the Destiny 2 Last Wish raid has you fighting another Taken hand maiden known as Shuro Chi. Unlike her counterpart Kalli, this one is focused on directly damaging Shuro Chi instead of performing an elaborate puzzle. Here’s how to slay Shuro Chi in the Destiny 2 Last Wish raid.

When you enter the room kill all of the enemies and a foe dubbed the Eye of Riven. Once this foe is slain he will drop a debuff that increases over time up to a stack of 10. Do not pick up this buff until you are about to bring down her shields. Make sure to designate someone as the person to grab it before the fight. Shuro Chi will then spawn, however, she will be shielded so you can’t damage her at the moment. To break this shield have three people grab the three different prisms that spawn around her.

Each of the people with those prisms need to form a triangle around Shuro Chi. The prism people should fire the lasers at a person holding another prism to form a triangle. Make sure to stand on the three plates around Shuro Chi when you form the triangle. This will break her shield and open Shuro Chi up for damage. Once this happens, start shooting at her immediately until she begins to chant and summon her weapon.

When this happens the person with the Eye of Riven buff needs to use their Super (which is now a mini-Nova Bomb) to stagger Shuro Chi. This will stop her song and give you more time to damage her.  Shuro Chi’s health bar is broken up into six sections, you have to push her past this damage threshold to not instantly die. Once you damage her enough, Shuro Chi will retreat down next section of the hallway.

The fight will now progress down the hallway and you’ll have to repeat this entire process again. Make sure to kill all the enemies before trying to deal with Shuro Chi again, so having one or two waving clearing Supers will greatly help. However, things will change once you move to the third room in this fight, which has nine different plates.

Clear this room of adds quickly and then look immediately to the left wall. You’ll see a large picture on the wall that’s incomplete. You have to stand on the plates that correspond to the missing parts of the picture. For this section have four people designated as plate jumpers and two that focus on killing enemies that spawn. Hop onto all the plates that are linked to the missing parts of the picture at once.

Remember, if you mess up jumping onto the plates you’ll be unable to hop onto the same plate twice. So for those who mess up, make sure to rotate with another person so they can take your plate. This is only the case if you mess up the picture, as you can stand on the same plate if you’re rotating to the next photo. We recommend hopping off your plate as soon as the picture is done to ensure you don’t mess up or accidentally stand on one during the rotation between photos.

If you do this correctly the picture on the wall will finish. Now repeat this process with the picture on the center wall and then the one on the right. Once all three pictures are finished the song will end and platforms will spawn. Quickly ascend these platforms and go to where the Eye of Riven is. You will now repeat this entire picture puzzle again.

This cycle of damaging Shuro and filling in the pictures will happen three times in total, with the final being where you kill her.