Every New Location in Season 6 Fortnite

Fortnite Season 6 New Locations

Season 6 of Fortnite has finally arrived and it’s incredible. Focused on horror, the entire map has been infected with a darkness. This has caused a plethora of unique changes to happen across the map such as a massive castle, floating island, and corn fields. There are also corrupted areas on the map that let you obtain a new item called Shadow Stones.

When consumed you will be unable to use any of your weapons, but instead can phase through objects. Additionally, your movement speed and damage resistance will increase, making this a unique mobility option. It’s hard to say if these will be as impactful as Rifts, but the ability to go invisible if you’re standing still is certainly potent.

Below is every major location added this Season. We will not be including any smaller variations unless it’s a significant change to the island. Surprisingly, there aren’t any new named locations, just some small pop up areas scattered throughout.

Here are all of the new locations in Season 6 of Fortnite:

1. Flying Loot Lake

Fortnite Loot Lake

‌Located in the middle of the map where Loot Lake used to be.

2. Haunted Castle

Fortnite Haunted Castle

‌Located to the right of Haunted Hills on the side of the mountain.

3. Corrupted Areas

Fortnite Corrupted Areas

‌Seven Corrupted Areas can be found throughout the map. They are marked by runes on your map.

4. Ranch

Fortnite Ranch

‌Located to the right of Paradise Palms by the cliff.

5. Wailing Woods Cabins

Fortnite Wailing Woods Cabins

‌Located within Wailing Woods. There are two cabins around where the maze was.

6. Bunker Underneath Wailing Woods

Fortnite Wailing Woods Bunker

‌The maze has been replaced with an entrance to a very large underground bunker.

7. Abandoned Villain and Hero Lair

‌The villain lair outside Snobby Shores and mansion by Lonely Lodge are now abandoned.

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