Pokemon Go Community Day Might Feature Beldum: Report (Update)

pokemon go community day beldum

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A future Pokemon Go Community Day event might feature Beldum, according to a leak.

Update (September 26): Niantic has officially confirmed that Beldum will indeed be the featured Pokemon for the next Community Day event on October 21 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. ET. They have not yet announced the Pokemon’s exclusive move. However we do know from the in-game news feature that your Beldum will be able to learn the exclusive move upon evolving into Metagross up to one hour after the event is over. In addition, for the duration of the event Eggs will be able to hatch in a quarter of their normal distance and Lure Modules will last for three hours.

Matthew Verive, the owner of PidgiNet and PidgiWiki, posted an image of a Community Day banner on Twitter and The Silph Road Subreddit. The banners are used to promote the event and typically show an outdoor area with the featured Pokemon framed by a smartphone. The image contains a Beldum.

According to The Silph Road, the image resides in an official Niantic Google Cloud directory. Future Game Releases reported that the developer hosts graphic assets on their website and that anyone could find other assets by visiting Pokemon Go’s event page, right clicking the page, selecting “View Source,” and searching for “nianticweb.”

Verive later confirmed that the image is gone from Niantic’s website.

Last month, Game Rant reported that dataminers found that the move Meteor Mash was added to the game’s files. According to Bulbapedia, Meteor Mash in the main Pokemon games is a move exclusive to Clefairy, Metang and Metagross (though it can also be learned by Riolu via breeding). In Pokemon Go, Metagross can only learn the steel-type moves Bullet Punch and Flash Cannon, according to GamePress. Since the featured Pokemon for a Community Day event always receives an exclusive move when evolved to its final evolution during the event (with the exception of Eevee’s exclusive move), it would make sense for Beldum to learn Meteor Mash when it evolves into Metang and then Metagross.

Keep in mind that this is still in the rumor phase as Niantic hasn’t officially confirmed that Beldum will be featured in a future Community Day event yet.

The next community day on September 22 will feature Chikorita. Niantic revealed Monday that the Pokemon will learn Frenzy Plant as its exclusive move when it evolves into Meganium, as we predicted.

The next dates for Community Day are October 21 and November 10, according to Niantic. If the rumors turn out to be true, then we could very well see a Community Day centered around Beldum as early as October.

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