Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores Out Now, Here’s What’s New

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores

Microsoft Sea of Thieves is wildly changed since launch.

Sea of Thieves is releasing another major content release today in the form of Forsaken Shores.

Rare is calling this the biggest expansion to hit the game since its launch in March and promises to keep adding updates to the game in the future.

The update is available free of charge for players who own the game or if they have it on Xbox Game Pass.

This new update added in a new map called Devil’s Roar which will have both land and sea areas to explore. The new area features volcanoes which can erupt and superheat the water. The superheated water doesn’t damage the ship but it will damage the player so you’ll have to watch out for that.

More natural elements appearing in the Devil’s Roar map are earthquakes and geysers so there will be a lot of things to watch out for in the new update.

Here’s what the release notes say about the new update:

  • Devil’s Roar Map – Explore the newly emerged lands to the east, where both sea and land provide new hazards for unwary pirates!
  • Volcanoes – Exploding in a fiery inferno, volcanoes rain down hot rocks that damage players and ships. It has never been more important to think carefully about where you anchor!
  • Earthquakes – Tremors forcefully shake the ground and players in the vicinity. Sometimes these earthquakes are isolated, but they may also foreshadow a volcanic eruption…
  • Geysers – Geysers are active in The Devil’s Roar and can launch you into the air… so watch where you step!

Another one of the big changes is the addition of rowboats that allow you to get around islands quicker and make travel from your main boat quicker. It sounds like these boats can be loaded with treasures which allow you to transport goods easier.

  • Lava Floor – Lava floor zones become active during a volcanic eruption and will cause damage over time if you stand on them. Keep moving!
  • Superheated Water – During a volcanic eruption, the waters around the island become superheated. Damage is not applied to ships, but pirates who opt to stand or swim in the superheated water will find themselves in dire need of a banana. Water in your hull can also become superheated, so have your bucket at the ready!
  • Rowboats – Find these new additions washed up on the islands. They can be pushed into the water and docked to your ship to be transported around the sea.
  • Seaposts – These have appeared across the Sea of Thieves, offering discounts on a selection of items that change over time.

There are numerous fixed issues that came with this patch which you can read much more about in-depth here.

Sea of Thieves is out now on Xbox One and PC. Sea of Thieves is an Xbox Play Anywhere title meaning a digital copy on Xbox One will get you a PC copy and vice-versa.

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