Where to Find Shadow Stones in Season 6 Fortnite

Fortnite Shadow Stone Locations

Fortnite’s sixth season has finally arrived, so that means a new in-game mechanic has been introduced. Dubbed Shadow Stones, these items allow players a unique mobility option at the risk of stripping away their ability to fight back.

When consumed, a user will have increased movement speed, damage resistance, jump height, and can turn invisible once they go stationary. Players can also phase through cover, allowing them to catch their opponents off guard. This effect lasts 45 seconds, but you can cancel it at any time by holding down the alt fire button.

Fortnite Shadow Stone Locations

The stones themselves can be found all throughout the map in places called “Corrupted Areas.” These are unnamed locations scattered throughout the island and are the most common places you can find Shadow Stones. There’s a chance that these spawn in other named locations, but the Corrupted Areas are the most consistent.

For those who have been keeping up with Fortnite, all of the Corrupted Areas are the different spots where the purple cube stopped. These areas are all highlighted on your map by the glowing symbol and purplish colored terrain. Typically you can find 5-7 Shadow Stones here, along with a few chests.

There are a total of seven Corrupted Areas, so expect a heavy amount of fighting around these spots. Given how powerful these stones can be, users should familiarize themselves with how to spot and use this new power-up.

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