Shifty Shafts Treasure Map: How to Solve Fortnite Week 9 Challenge

Fortnite Shift Shafts Treasure Map

Another week of Fortnite challenges is upon us, which means it’s time to start hunting for those hidden Battle Stars. This week has players following a treasure map found in Shifty Shafts. While the location itself is easy enough to find, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll die after you grab it.

The location of Week 9’s Battle Star is just north of Salty Springs. There are a very tall series of plateaus covered in rocks and trees that overlooks Dusty Divot. If you are looking at these plateaus from Salty Springs you want to land on the far right one with a single rock and tree. If you’re on the ground you will have to build up to it, so make sure no one is watching because the fall will hurt.

Be careful when you are landing here because there isn’t a ton of loot in the area. Outside of the chests near the top, you’ll have to foot it into Salty Springs or Dusty Divot if you want a gun. We recommend going for the chest first to ensure that someone doesn’t kill you while you’re trying to obtain this Battle Star. However, outside of the initial drop, this location won’t be too popular in the mid to late game. 

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