How to Kill Silent Fang in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 Forsaken Silent Fang

Another week of challenges and bounties have arrived in Destiny 2 Forsaken, meaning it’s time to hunt down some escaped prisoners. The big bounty this week is a Fallen Captain named Silent Fang. This foe is located on the EDZ in The Sludge region and sports a recommended Light of 540. While you could cheese the previous two bounties, Silent Fang is going to be an exceptionally tough fight if you’re under-leveled.

To start, fight your way through the Taken and Fallen enemies until you destroy two glowing Shanks. These Shanks will drop a bomb which you can hurl at a generator near a blocked off door. This will lower the shield and allow you to enter the boss room for Silent Fang.

When this fight starts you will be unable to damage Silent Fang, so take cover until he summons a few Shanks. Just like the previous room, your goal here is to use the bombs that Shanks drop to destroy the generators scattered about the room. Blowing up one generator will temporarily lower Silent Fang’s shield and make him vulnerable.

As soon as his shield goes down, deal as much damage as possible to him. Once the shield is restored (indicated by the white line under his health) Silent Fang will become immune. Your job is to keep destroying Shanks, picking up bombs, and hurling them at generators to lower Silent Fang’s barrier. However, this is easier said than done as the Fallen Captain will roam the room and attack you.

Destiny 2 Silent Fang

Additionally, we will call out Tracer Shanks which should be dealt with immediately. They are very accurate and can deal a ton of damage if you aren’t careful. Once all of the generators in the room are gone, Silent Fang will be vulnerable for a few more seconds until his shield is restored. This is where the fight gets tricky.

Now a Servitor, along with Fallen Vandals and Shanks will spawn around the room. Silent Fang and the Servitor will both be immune to damage. The trick here is to use the bombs that will still drop from Shanks and throw them at the Servitor. Doing so will damage the Servitor, so throw about 2-3 bombs at this enemy. Once the Servitor is gone, Silent Fang’s shield will drop again letting you attack him.

If you don’t damage to kill him, Silent Fang will summon another Servitor and horde of enemies. Continue repeating this process until Silent Fang is killed.

For this fight, we highly recommend using a fusion rifle or shotgun like the Lord of Wolves. This is a close quarters battle and very few pieces of cover in the actual boss room. If you take a lot of damage, retreat to the cave tunnel you entered from and wait until your health has recovered. We also recommend bringing a friend to help manage all the Shanks that spawn.

Silent Fang is the toughest bounty yet in Destiny 2 Forsaken. Make sure you’re at least 530 Light before you attempt this fight on your own.

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