How Many Different Suits Are in Spider-Man PS4?

Spider-Man PS4 Suits

Marvel’s Spider-Man is the latest game in the long-running list of games featuring everyone’s favorite web-crawler.

This Insomniac Games developed title puts players in control of a seasoned Spider-Man as he is going through college while also protecting the city of New York from various supervillains.

Throughout the game, you will level up and eventually unlock more suits for your arsenal. You don’t really have to do much to unlock the suits other than playing so they will come as your progress. Depending on whether you pre-ordered or got a special edition of the game you will also have some extra suits at the start.

You do have to play through the game a little bit before you get the option to change suits but when you do the game becomes a lot more wide open.

There are a whopping 25 different suits to choose from and on top of that, they all feature a different ability. This means that outside of just picking a suit for fashion it will also have a purpose for combat. These suit mods will be able to be used on any suit but you’ll first have to unlock the suit to use them.

If you pre-ordered the game you’ll have access to the Spidey Suit pack which comes with the Spider-Punk, Iron Spider Suit and Velocity Suit. The Iron Spider suit is perhaps best known for its appearance in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

Here’s the list of all the suits in the game:

  • Advanced Suit
  • Classic Suit (Damaged)
  • Classic Suit (Repaired)
  • Noir Suit
  • Scarlet Spider Suit
  • Spider-Armor MK II Suit
  • Secret War Suit
  • Stark Suit
  • Negative Suit
  • Spider-Punk Suit
  • Wrestler Suit
  • Fear Itself Suit
  • Stealth Big Time Suit
  • Spider-Armor MK III Suit
  • Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit
  • Iron Spider Suit
  • Velocity Suit
  • Spider-Armor MK IV Suit
  • Spirit Spider
  • Spider-Man 2099 White Suit
  • Vintage Comic Book Suit
  • Last Stand Suit
  • Undies Suit
  • Homemade Suit
  • Dark Suit
  • ??? Suit (We haven’t finished the game to find out this suit yet)

It’s possible more suits may be on the way due to the three DLC packs that have been announced but it remains to be seen. Spider-Man is out now exclusively on PS4.

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