How to Upgrade Skills in Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 How to Upgrade Skills

Everyone’s favorite web-slinger has made his way to the PS4 in the form of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Developer Insomniac Games has crafted an open-world experience unlike any other as players jump into the shoes of Spider-Man and take on the prettiest version of Manhatten we’ve seen in a Spider-Man video game.

This isn’t Insomniac’s first foray into the open-world landscape as they have also developed the sleeper hit Sunset Overdrive for the Xbox One.

While it’s fun to just swing around New York City as Spider-Man it will also help if you upgrade his abilities so he will fare better in fights with the various baddies you’ll come across over the course of the roughly 20-hour story.

Your skills in Spider-Man are split across three trees: Innovator, Defender and Webslinger. Each tree has 10 different upgrades available with the exception of Innovator having 11. All of these skills really boil down to how you play the game but once you get enough skill points you’ll be able to get them all.

To earn skill points you have to level up which is done by progressing through the main story, doing side quests, finding backpacks and even by performing tricks while web-slinging through town.

Skill points don’t really take all that long to get so make sure you just end up doing a few side missions every now and then. Doing the side missions gives you a breather from the main story and gives you a chance to explore. This is a Spider-Man game after all so you’ll likely want to spend some time swinging around the beautiful New York City landscape.

Fixing the OsCorp Towers will open up more collectibles to find so make sure you align all the towers you come across. These towers are pretty easily aligned and can be located by hitting R3 as you’re traveling across town.

Spider-Man is out now exclusively for PS4.

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