How to Get Your Third Seed of Light in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 third seed of light

Destiny 2 Forsaken’s major piece of endgame content has officially released and there’s a special reward for those willing to take the plunge. While the Last Wish raid is full of loot and even a special Exotic weapon, users can also earn their third Seed of Light here.

While many believed that the final Seed of Light would be tied to the Blind Well, it actually requires completing the first challenge int he Last Wish raid. In order to obtain this, you’ll need to defeat Kalli, the Corrupted which will require you to be around 550 Light if you want to beat her. For this fight, we recommend using a lot of buff-based Supers such as the Warlock’s Well of Radiance. These will help you inflict extra damage against her and ensure that her attacks won’t kill anyone fighting.

This is a pretty in-depth fight so make sure to check out our guide here on how to kill Kalli. After the fight is finished you should earn a Seed of Light which you can use on your third sub-class. Currently, there is no other way to earn this item so make sure to do this part of the raid at least once.