How to Unlock the Baron Missions in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 Baron

There are a lot of different activities introduced in Destiny 2’s newest expansion Forsaken, but the headline addition is the Baron Hunts. These Adventures task players with hunting down the eight unique Barons that had a hand in Cayde-6’s death. Featuring unique encounters and battles, these bosses are undoubtedly the highlight of Forsaken’s campaign.

Unlocking them will take a bit of time, but it’s fairly easy. In order to partake in hunting the eight different Barons you’ll need to progress through the campaign and meet the Spider. This happens fairly early in the campaign, however, you’ll need to finish two missions for him before getting to go after the Barons. The first one involves you completing various bounties around the Tangled Shore and the later acts as an introduction to several of these Scorn leaders.

After you finish this mission, the Spider will give you a very brief rundown of each of the Barons. Once the cutscene is done, your map will fill with 8 different Adventures each of which revolve around a specific boss. You are now free to pick which of the Barons you want to go after, but all eight must be killed before you can progress in the story.

Keep in mind, the light level for each Baron varies so you may not be strong enough to take on the more powerful Barons like The Fanatic. Thankfully, there are a couple of Barons that you should be able to take on right after this mission from the Spider. There’s no punishment for fighting the Barons in a different order, we just don’t recommend it.

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