How to Unlock the New Supers (Skill Trees) in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny 2 Forsaken New Supers

The Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2 has arrived, so it’s time to dig into a whole host of new content to experience. One of the biggest and most intriguing is 9 different skill trees available for each of the sub-classes. Providing new ways to play your class of choice, these skill trees offer a plethora of unique options. However, if you want to play with them right away then you have a lot of grinding to do.

(Disclaimer: This guide was written from the information we obtained during the Forsaken preview event. We will update this piece if anything has changed.)

There are several steps to obtaining your shiny new Supers, but the first one involves progressing in Forsaken. After the first opening level, you will be informed that “Visions of Light” are now dropping throughout the world after speaking to Ikora You will need to collect a substantial amount of these to progress to the next part of the quest, but thankfully it’s fairly easy to do.

Here is how you earn Visions of Light in Destiny 2:

  • Killing Powerful Enemies (Orange bar and above)
  • Crucible Matches
  • Strikes
  • Lost Sectors
  • Adventures

This will take a bit of time, so just play through the campaign and you should finish this part after killing your first baron. Remember, bosses from Public Events drop a hefty amount of Visions of Light, so always participate in them when you’re driving around the Tangled Shore. Just make sure to always kill any Major enemy or above so you can obtain your Visions of Life.

After you collect all of your Visions of Light, the Milestone will complete and ask you to follow the visions. The planet you have to visit will depend on what class you are playing. This is a quest, so just complete it when you’re done with whatever activity you’re currently working on. We aren’t going to spoil any details pertaining to the quest since it’s pretty lore heavy.

When you get to a certain part of the mission you’ll obtain a “Seed of Light.” This item can be used to start one of your three new skill trees. Make sure to use the seed on the skill tree you want the most. After you unlock it you’ll have access to your Super but none of your other skills

Once the mission is completely finished you will need to kill enemies with elemental abilities while having the new skill tree selected. This is going to take a fair amount of time, so try to use grenades that can kill multiple enemies. If you really want to complete this sub-class quickly, go to lower Light areas such as the EDZ to ensure your grenades kill multiple targets. You will need to do this for every skill tree, so we recommend starting with the one you want the most.

While we cannot directly confirm this for ourselves (since our Light level is currently too low) it turns out that gaining another skill tree is tied to the Blind Well. This is a very tough endgame activity only located in The Dreaming City. Because of this, unless you are serious about grinding your level don’t expect a new sub-class this week.

If you are very determined to be ready for the new Raid, obtaining all the sub-classes should be a top priority. We have no idea how the new Supers will affect the raid, so make sure to try and get all three for your main class.

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