Dead by Daylight Makes Hallowed Blight Easier For Killers

Dead by Daylight Hallowed Blight Killer Queues

One of the biggest complaints players have had about Dead by Daylight’s Halloween event The Hallowed Blight is that it takes a very long time to get into matches as a killer.

Between survivor and killer players will have to collect 60 vials which will then be used to purchase one of the cosmetics introduced with the event. The problem was that survivors were allowed to collect 30 of these vials and then killers had to collect the other 30 vials.

Survivor lobbies were near instantaneous for the event but killers had to wait a very long time to find matches. This led to a lot of complaints by players on Twitch, Reddit and the Steam forums which may have been what led BHVR to make these changes to the event.

The changes might help alleviate the queue issues by having players who typically play survivor only stay playing survivor only. It seemed like a necessary move that had to be made but it remains to be seen if this will truly make the event easier for killers. At the very least it seems like it will help a little bit.

Here’s what BHVR wrote on their forums:

We have become aware of a recent issue regarding our matchmaking on certain platforms where Killers have experienced a longer time waiting for matches. We believe the root of the issue is a much higher proportion of players trying to start matches as a Killer than usual, extending the Killer waiting time. Many of these players might otherwise play Survivor more often, but need to play Killer during the event to fill their vials on the Killer side.

To address this problem, we are making a change where Killers and Survivors will now have shared progress for the remainder of The Hallowed Blight event. Completing a vial with either role will earn Putrid Serum that may be used to unlock the Halloween cosmetics in the Store. This means the new total is combined between the two roles. Instead of X/30 progress for each role, it is now X/60 total for both roles. Even if you have already completed your progress in one role, you may now continue filling vials in that role. With this change, players can fully complete the Halloween event with the role/s of their choice.

We will be rolling out this change** immediately** on all platforms, however, there are a few minor side effects of this immediate change:

**• The menu displaying progress still shows two separate counters. Both counters show the same X/60 counter and update simultaneously. This will be addressed in an upcoming patch to merge the two counters and make this clearer.

• The other side effect is that switching between roles will cause any vial progress made in the previous role to be lost. For example, a partially filled vial of a Survivor player will be emptied if they complete a vial as a Killer. Again, this will be addressed with the upcoming patch.**

We hope this addresses the matchmaking issues currently experienced by Killers on some platforms. We will continue to monitor matchmaking for all players and work toward an improved and stable experience for everyone. Thank you all for your feedback and understanding.

The Hallowed Event runs until November 2. Dead by Daylight is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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