Can You Download Deltarune on PS4, Xbox One or Switch?

Deltarune Xbox One PS4 Nintendo Switch

Deltarune, a new game by Toby Fox, the developer of Undertale, released today after a long series of cryptic messages on Twitter.

The new game is available as a free download but with one caveat, it is currently only available on PC and Mac. This doesn’t mean it won’t ever come to PS4, Xbox One or even the Switch.

Luckily this game will likely run on a low-quality PC or laptop so it should be playable to a wide range of people look to test it out. If you don’t have that available then you are out of luck for now at least.

Undertale originally released for just PC and Mac in 2015 when it launched so the precedent was already set for it to happen here. As we all know, Undertale was eventually ported to the PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch. Surprisingly the title never made its way to Xbox One which might not bode well for Deltarune coming there too.

At this time Deltarune is only available on PC and Mac with no sign in sight for a console release. The game has only been out for a few hours now so we’ll probably be hearing more about a potential console release down the road.

If you click on the download link for the game it asks to not discuss the game for 24 hours which might indicate it is a short game or perhaps a teaser for something bigger. Since this is an Undertale-related title we might end up coming out of this game with more questions than answers.

If you’re interested in the game but can’t yet play it you can check out a variety of streamers playing the game under the Undertale” directory. Keep in mind this game is probably very story heavy and can be spoiled easily.

Undertale has always had some spooky undertones so it’s probably no coincidence that Deltarune dropped on Halloween.

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