How to Change Your Emblem and Calling Card in Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 Calling Card Emblem

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has officially launched and players are scrambling to master every aspect of this multiplayer game. Full of features, two returning systems are Emblems and Calling Card. Acting as cosmetics for both your guns and character, these can help add a bit of personality to your weaponry.

However, Black Ops 4 doesn’t outwardly explain how to access or uses these features. Thankfully, it’s quite easy to find and is unlocked from the very start. To access both your Emblems and Calling Cards, go to the main menu and then scroll down to the “Player” section on the bottom bar.

Select this and you will open up a Player Identity menu where you can customize your character, view achievements, stats, and challenges. To edit your Emblems just go to the Emblem Editor and start crafting the perfect icon. You can then pop over to the “Emblems” tab to change whatever one you’re wearing.

As for Calling Cards, just select this tab to bring up your collection of cards which can be equipped. It will take a lot of time to unlock all of them, but this is where you’re able to apply them. Finally, if you want to place an emblem on your gun, go to the Paintshop.

From here you can place or design Emblems wherever you want on any weapon in the game. Once applied you’ll be able to see this cosmetic addition on your firearm. At the moment it appears that there is a bug preventing the designs appearing on any firearms. Your artwork can still be saved, it just currently won’t appear in-game.

Remember these have no in-game benefits and can be completely ignored if you choose. Don’t feel pressured to make a cool Emblem since you can simply pick from a collection of pre-made stickers to wear.

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