Fortnite Season 6, Week 2 Challenges Revealed: How to Solve

Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 Challenges

The second week of challenges for Fortnite’s sixth season has been leaked. Originally posted by Fortnite Intel,  Week 2’s challenges appear to be quite easy compared to previous seasons. Keep in mind, these have been leaked so there is a chance that developer Epic Games alters them before Thursday.

Given one of these challenges revolves around the currently disabled Shadow Stones, we suspect there might be a few alterations in the near future. Here is a complete breakdown of Season 6, Week 2’s challenges in Fortnite and how to solve them.

(Author’s Note: We will update this piece when new information regarding Week 2’s challenges when it becomes available. The challenges themselves are subject to change.)

1. Visit All of the Corrupted Area (0/7)

The first challenge this week involves players visiting all seven of the Corrupted Areas around the map. For the unfamiliar, the Corrupted Areas are marked on your map by the pink colored runes. There are only seven and these zones are scattered all across Fortnite’s map. Because of this, it will probably take you multiple games to visit them all.

We suggest doing this in Soaring 50s since you have greater mobility options. It’s far easier to get around the map in this mode, so you can easily visit a few during a single match. Additionally, the floating island appears to be moving over the runes, so make sure to visit this area as well.

2. Use 3 Shadow Stones in Different Matches

This challenge will completely depend on if Shadow Stones are still disabled. If they aren’t, you can find this item at any Corrupted Area on the map. These always have Shadow Stones, so make sure to drop at one of these locations. We suggest opening the Chests first to ensure you’re not gunned down by other players going for this challenge.

3. Deal Damage with “X” Weapon

For this mission, you’ll need to first deal 200 damage to opponents with Assault Rifles. However, we currently do not know the next set of steps or how many there are. We suspect that the rest of this challenge is just dealing damage with a variety of different weapons. You shouldn’t have any real trouble with this challenge as it will unlock by just playing the game.

4. Eliminate an Opponent From 50m Away

Battles in Fortnite typically take place at close range – especially early on – so you may need to be patient with this challenge. Even though 50m isn’t that far, sniping targets with either an assault rifle or sniper rifle can be tricky. We also do not know if this challenge counts a foe who was killed up close but knocked down from a distance.

To complete this, we suggest playing in Solo mode since players automatically die and you don’t have to worry about them crawling away. Try to avoid cramped areas such as Paradise Palms and Tilted Towers. Instead, drop in more open locations like Risky Reels or Fatal Fields. It may take some time, but you should eventually get this challenge finished.

5. Deal 500 Damage with Pistols to Opponents

Just use the Dual Pistols for this challenge. Of all the pistols in Fortnite, these are perhaps the most consistent for dealing damage. Unless you’re confident in your abilities, try to avoid the Hand Cannon unless you absolutely have to use it. The gun is unwieldy and can be easily countered by a smart player.

Keep in mind you just have to deal damage with the pistols, so shooting downed players also counts. Soaring 50s is a good mode for this since you can run around shooting knocked down opponents.

6. Eliminate 3 Opponents with SMGs

Despite the nerfs and complete removal of certain SMGs, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this challenge. SMGs are a fantastic follow-up weapon if you manage to damage someone with a shotgun. This allows you to deal a lot of damage quickly and change the pace of combat up-close. Plus, it’s easier to hit a mobile target with an SMG than a shotgun in most build fights.

If you’re struggling, just carry an SMG to use when you down an opponent. Fortnite considers this a kill, even if you knocked an enemy with a different weapon. Just make sure the actual bullet that eliminates your foe is from an SMG.

7. Deal Damage to Opponents with Hunting Rifles

This is another multi-step quest, however, we only know the first step. We assume that the rest of the steps have to do with the different types of sniper rifles. Since this challenge revolves around damage you can just shoot downed foes if you’re a poor shot. Soaring 50s is a fantastic mode for this since you can typically headshot enemies that are distracted fighting other foes.

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