Fortnite: Secret Battle Star Location Week 3, Season 6

Another week of Fortnite challenges is almost upon us, so it’s time to scour the map for the next Secret Battle Star location. While the Battle Star isn’t officially live, the Week 3 Loading Screen for Season 6 was leaked ahead of time. Since all of the Battle Stars are linked to these images, we can easily deduce where it will be for Week 3.

You can find the Week 3, Season 6 Secret Battle Star on the roof of the cabin in Wailing Woods. There are two cabins, so the one you’re looking for is to the east of the bunker entrance. The Battle Star is located on the roof right in front of the chimney. This is a fairly easy star to find, even if Wailing Woods is out of the way in most matches.

Remember, you can only grab this Battle Star once all of the challenges for Week 3 are completed. After that, the star will unlock and you can go nab it anytime you want. The Battle Star itself will give you a free Tier, so you can either grab it early on to help you raise your XP Bonus or later when ranking up the Battle Pass slows down.

Don’t worry about rushing through all of the challenges to unlock the Secret Battle Star. Just take them at your own pace and you will have this item in no time!

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