Fortnite Debuts Skull Ranger, Female Skull Trooper

Fortnite Skull Ranger

It has long been expected and anticipating and today is finally the day. Fortnite has brought the rare Skull Trooper skin back to the item shop this morning.

For those worrying about keeping their OG status with the skin, Epic Games has done something you. Instead of having the same tints available as all the other players Epic Games has given those who have previously owned the Skull Trooper an exclusive purple tint that shows you were an early adopted of the skin.

When the Skull Trooper first released last year it only came in a single gender but this time around Epic Games has added a female version of the Skull Trooper called the Skull Ranger which is pretty much the same thing as the Skull Trooper just a female.

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The Skull Ranger costs 300 less V-Bucks and is not as rare of a skin as the original Skull Trooper so it might end up being overlooked. The Skull Ranger is available in the item shop currently for 1,200 V-Bucks and will probably interest players who are looking for a female version of the skin.

With the long-awaited return of the Skull Trooper, we will now set our eyes towards the possible return of the Ghoul Trooper. The Ghoul Trooper was another one of the skins that came into the game with the Skull Trooper but didn’t have as much widespread popularity as the Skull Trooper did.

At this point, we expect the Ghoul Trooper to return since Fortnite seems like it has no problem bringing back once rare skins. This trend has started with the Red Knight and they have kept that trend going with the most recent one being the Power Chord.

There have been several Halloween skins released so far in October but none have created as much buzz as the Skull Trooper so far.

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