Fortnite Fortnitemares Update: All The Leaked Skins

Fortnitemares Leaked Skins

Epic Games

Fortnite received its much anticipated Fortnitemares Halloween update today that introduced a variety of changes into the game.

While a lot of players like to focus on what actually came with the update, which you can read more about here, there are also a number of players who are more interested in the skins that are datamined every time a new patch is released.

The Fortnitemares patch gave us even more Halloween skins coming into the game in what will surely be the last of these skins unless Epic Games has more tricks up its sleeve.

Here’s a look at what we can be expecting on the horizon in terms of cosmetics coming to Fortnite, courtesy of Twitter page FNBRLeaks.


Unless Epic Games is going to release the Ghoul Trooper sometime later this looks like the closest we’ll be getting to it.

This skin looks to be a recoloring of everyone’s favorite no-skin, Jonesy. It’s just an uncommon skin so players won’t be having to break the bank to pick up this cosmetic if they choose to do so.

Patch Patroller

For those who keep having the pumpkins stolen from their patch, this looks like the skin for you.

This skin is also only of uncommon rarity making it one of the more detailed uncommon skins we’ve seen. We expect this one to be pretty popular since it won’t cost a whole lot of V-Bucks.

Summit Striker

This skin doesn’t appear to be Halloween related and that might be because it’s from the Starter Park.

This skin probably won’t be available to purchase in-game by itself but will instead have to be bought as part of the pack.


Dante and Rosa are the two epic cosmetics that will be introduced and they are also among some of the coolest cosmetics to come out of the month.

For 2,000 V-Bucks it looks like you’ll just be getting the skin but fortunately, it is a nice looking skin.


Rosa rounds out the Muertes set which appears to be designed after Day of the Dead. This skin is also an Epic outfit so it’ll set you back 2,000 V-Bucks.

It says this skin will glow in the dark which will be interesting to see in-game.


There are several emotes that have been datamined with this update as well. It doesn’t look like many will be Halloween themed but here they are nonetheless.

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