Journal of the Reef Exotic Quest Is Apparently Time-gated

Destiny 2 Journal of The Reef

It’s time to hunt down a murderer in Destiny 2,  Guardian and Amanda Holliday is willing to reward you for your troubles. Released today with the new update, players can now partake in the Journal of the Reef Exotic Quest which you can grab from Holliday at The Tower.

Tied to The Festival of the Lost, users can start this Exotic hunt on the EDZ  by collecting journal pages from challenging Fallen Enemies. These pages can also be acquired via engrams, but it’s just easier and more efficient to kill Fallen on the EDZ. However, once you obtain 10 pages you will receive the next step of the quest which… tells you to wait.

You’ve recovered all the pages of Ive’s journal, but the unique encryption on each page is uncrackable by conventional means. Amanda Holliday is reaching out to her network of associates and will contact you when she has any new developments.

Sadly it appears the second step for this quest is time-gated. While there’s a chance that the Guardian can influence how fast this unlocks, the way this step is worded suggests that we have to wait. Whether it’s a day or a week is still unknown, but for now, all we can do is go back to the grind until Amanda contacts us again.

If anything changes we will update this post.

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