Pokemon Go Raid Rewards Updated for October 2018

pokemon go raid rewards

The Pokemon Company via YouTube Giratina, the current tier five Raid Boss in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go‘s Raid rewards have changed, according to The Silph Road.

Raid Battles now award more Stardust but less Golden Razz Berries and Super Potions. Stardust has been increased to a guaranteed 750 Stardust per Raid. The guaranteed Golden Razz Berries awarded after every Raid has been reduced by one for each tier. As for the random Golden Razz Berry bonuses, they have been reduced by at least one for tiers two through five. Random Super Potion bonuses have been reduced to one. All other bonuses including Revives, Hyper Potions and XP have not been changed. It’s possible that the rarity tiers of certain bonuses may have changed but more research is necessary.

The way Raid rewards work in Pokemon Go, according to The Silph Road, is that each Raid offers a number of “bundles” of bonuses. The amount of bundles and which bundles you receive are all randomized. So for instance, if you complete a tier one Raid, you may receive a bundle of a bonus Rare Candy or two bundles of a bonus Golden Razz Berry and a bonus Super Potion.

You can see an updated list of all the current Raid rewards in The Silph Road’s table below:

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