The 7 Best Exotic Weapons for Gambit in Destiny 2

Best Exotic Weapons Gambit

Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion introduced a ton of content for players to enjoy, but perhaps the most popular is Gambit. This PvPvE (Player vs Player vs Environment), tasks users with collecting motes, defeating powerful enemies, and eventually slaying a large boss known as a Primeval.

The catch is players can invade another team’s arena at certain points during the match, which can cause all sorts of chaos. Gambit’s duality of PvE and PvP allows users to really tailor and customize their gear. This means some guns are great for killing A.I. foes while others are solid for taking out enemy Guardians.

When deciding on our list, we focused on the Exotics that go above and beyond in this mode. Versatility and power are essential in Gambit since the team that can slay foes faster typically ends up winning. This isn’t to say other Exotics aren’t valid, but we found these weapons to be the best for Destiny 2’s newest mode.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Ace of Spades
  • Prometheus Lens
  • Lord of Wolves
  • Sunshot
  • Whisper of the Worm
  • The Queenbreaker

(This list is not ranked)

1. Sleeper Simulant

Sleeper Stimulant Destiny 2 (

Let’s get the most obvious weapon out of the way first. For many, the Sleeper Simulant is strictly the best Exotic in Gambit. The recipient of numerous complaints, this Linear Fusion Rifle has had its Aim Assist nerfed and will soon obtain less ammo from Power Bricks. Yet, this hasn’t stopped the Sleeper Simulant from being the dominant force in Gambit.

A lot of this stems from its sheer stopping power, as a fully charged shot can kill a Guardian regardless of where you hit them. Couple this with its insane range and you can easily wipe an entire group with minimal risk. The Sleeper Simulant is also solid for taking down powerful bosses or majors, giving it some nice flexibility if you don’t feel like invading.

2. Tractor Cannon


Tractor Cannon Destiny 2

For those looking to support their teammates, consider running the Tractor Cannon. Even though this shotgun doesn’t hit that hard, its special perk is what makes it so potent. When a target is hit, the Tractor Cannon applies a debuff that makes the afflicted target 50% weaker to Void damage and 33% weaker to other elements. This allows a coordinated team to quickly and efficiently kill a boss.

The Tractor Cannon is an essential part of any team, as the debuff gives your squad a chance to claim victory even if you’re behind. While we don’t suggest using this to invade, the PvE benefits more than makes up its shortcomings. If you want to solely focus on PvE, then make sure to try the Tractor Cannon – your team will thank you.

3. Polaris Lance

Polaris Lance Destiny 2

Remember this? The Polaris Lance is one of those Exotic weapons that has criminally flown under the radar. Obtained via a long, multi-week Warmind quest, the Polaris Lance is superb at killing mobs and burning through bosses. This is thanks to its intrinsic perk – The Perfect Fifth -you can easily clear waves of foes from a safe distance.

However, the Polaris Lance goes from good to great if you Masterwork it. Adding Firefly to a gun that already causes a ton of Solar explosive damage makes is insanely strong. Plus, the nearly maxed out Range and Impact stats let you take on Invaders from a relatively safe distance.

4. One Thousand Voices

Destiny 2: Forsaken – New Weapons and Gear TrailerGuardians everywhere will need to gear up if they aim to take down Uldren and his Barons. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new loot coming in Destiny 2: Forsaken. The enemy doesn’t stand a chance when you have a bow that lets you see through walls, or a dual-firing rocket launcher which…2018-07-26T17:00:01.000Z

Perhaps the rarest Exotic weapon on our list, the One Thousand Voices is only obtainable by defeating The Last Wish raid. When charged, this Fusion Rifles unleashes a potent death beam that cuts through ADDS (Additional Enemies) like a knife through butter. One Thousand Voices ‘ beam also triggers a delayed explosion that can typically kill most red bar enemies around it.

This gun will take some time to really master, but it’s worth the effort because you can rapidly slay aliens and Guardians with relative ease. We don’t expect to see a ton of One Thousand Voices in Gambit, but if you are lucky enough to earn it then consider giving it a try.

5. Telesto

Telesto Destiny 2 Gambit

Another Fusion Rifle, the Telesto fires delayed explosive Void rounds that deal a hefty amount of damage. Unlike the One Thousand Voices, the Telesto is a projectile weapon, meaning you can spread your shots across multiple foes. This makes it good for PvE since many enemies in Gambit like to group up. A single burst from the Telesto can quickly rip apart enemies and shower your Guardian in motes.

As for PvP, the Telesto is a solid weapon for both Invading or dealing with Invaders. While it lacks range, a single burst can kill a Guardian if every shot hits. Plus, the delayed explosions can block off escape routes or kill enemies after they’ve finished you off.

6. Riskrunner

Riskrunner Destiny 2 Gambit

A bit more situational, the Riskrunner is fantastic against the Scorn, Taken, and Fallen. This is because its perk – Arc Conductors – only activates when you take Arc damage. Yet, if you manage to trigger this per then you can rapidly dispense of enemies and severely weaken others. Since the spawn areas are generally pretty small, you can easily keep the Arc Conductors perk active.

Remember, the Riskrunner is only good in Gambit matches against enemies that deal a lot of Arc damage. Make sure to bring a backup Exotic to in case you are matched up against a race like the Vex. This is largely a PvE gun, as the Arc Conductor perk is difficult to activate when you are invading. However, in the right scenario, this is one of the best weapons for rapidly wiping waves of ADDS.

7. Two-Tailed Fox

Two Tailed Fox Destiny 2 Gambit

A personal favorite, the Two-Tailed Fox is the best rocket launcher for Gambit. When fired, the Two-Tailed Fox launches a Void rocket that suppresses and a Solar one that deals damage over time. This makes the Fox very, very good at taking out Majors, Bosses, and most importantly the two Envoys. If both rockets hit, an Envoy will immediately go down to half health, allowing you to quickly finish it off.

The Two-Tailed Fox is a powerhouse, allowing smart players to easily kill blockers, high-value targets, and bosses. Even though the gun has a slight delay from the moment you fire to when the rockets leave the weapon, the Two-Tailed Fox is wonderful for invading. This is thanks to the rockets tracking their targets, allowing you to “fire and forget” if you catch someone out in the open. Stylish, versatile, and powerful – the Two-Tailed Fox is certainly one of the best Exotic weapons in Gambit.