Dead by Daylight The Hallowed Blight: What You Need to Know

Dead by Daylight’s Halloween event kicks off tomorrow after being teased at the beginning of the month on Instagram.

Halloween is pretty much the same as Christmas when it comes to Dead by Daylight so we’ll probably be seeing a lot of fun stuff coming with this event.

As with the majority of events in the past, we’re going to be seeing a lot of free bloodpoints given out so players will have that to look forward to no doubt. There have been numerous leaked skins for the event so we’ll have that to look for to as well.

As part of today’s developer stream, we received a lot of information about what is coming. This is called the biggest event the game has ever had and will feature more rewards than ever.

You unlock skins by getting Putrid Serum from plants in the game which will then be used to spend on new cosmetics introduced in the event. Killers will have special hooks that survivors will get hooked on that will earn nectar for them. The outfits will be available in the store forever but the free currency can only be earned during the event.

Dead by Daylight Pustula Petals

This will sound similar to the Scorching BBQ event for the killers but survivors will instead have to do something extra instead of just completing special generators. This might be another ploy by BHVR to slow the game down like they have shown they want to do with the recent mid-chapter patch.

Players will be able to play an offering to make these special plants spawn more often but they will also be in the game normally, just less of them. Survivors will lose some of their progress on filling up a vial with nectar if they do not escape so escape will still be something you want to do.

Much like a generator, multiple survivors can get on a single plant to harvest the plant faster. This will not fill up everyone’s vial but it will surely speed up the process.

Special items will be coming with this event like the spooky flashlight and the spooky medkit that came with last year’s Halloween event.

Several killers and survivors will have new cosmetics, mostly featuring an orange goo covering them. The Hillbilly has an orange drool dripping out of the mouth while the Huntress has it dripping from her eyes making those two some of the cooler looking cosmetics coming with the event.

All of the free killers, with the exception of the Doctor, have cosmetics coming for them. The developers do say licensed killers will have cosmetics on the way. There has been some speculation about new Michael Myers’ cosmetics on the way since there is a new movie coming out.

The event runs from October 19 to November 2 so players will have a lot of time to take part in this event and collect some sweet nectar. The lobbies will look spookier with the addition of jack-o-lanterns and all of this is being done as a way to add to the lore of the entity.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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