How to Upgrade Your Camp in Red Dead Redemption 2

How to Upgrade Camp in Red Dead Redemption 2


You spend a lot of your time at your camp in Red Dead Redemption 2 whether it’s waiting around for a mission, donating to the tithing box or talking to your gang.

The game makes it known as soon as you hit your camp that you’re going to want to be raising money for your base of operations in order to get upgrades and to provide a better experience for your gang.

The first thing players have to do to upgrade the camp is donate to the gang tithing box. This is done by raising money for your character himself by looting bodies, selling items or grabbing cash that is lying around on bodies or in the open.

The tithing box is locked behind a story mission called Money Lending and Other Sins given by Leopold Strauss. The mission asks you to travel around the frontier and collect money from people who have not paid back their debts. The box will be unlocked after getting the debt from just one person but you can also go back and collect the rest at a later time.

Once you have enough money built up you have to head to the tithing box and donate what you want. From there you have to read the catalog right next to box where you can flip through the pages and choose what to upgrade. You can choose from things like adding hitching posts for horses, a chicken coop or all around upgrades for your tents.

One thing that will probably be important to players is purchasing the map upgrade for $325 which will unlock fast travel. Purchasing this cuts back on the amount of back forth that needs to be done in the game and will minimize your time on your horse, if you want that of course.

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