Bureau of Tourism is Broken in Fallout 76, Bethesda Knows

Bureau of Tourism Broken Fallout 76

It’s no secret that Bethesda games have been buggy in the past so it shouldn’t be all that surprising Fallout 76 contains bugs.

One of these things bugs that slipped through the cracks into the main game is the Bureau of Tourism quest. This is a quest many players will find early on so it’ll end up becoming a problem sooner than later.

The game must think players really enjoy performing a Civil War reenactment but the real reason players keep going to the bugged area is to complete the “Repair Prickett’s Fort token dispenser” task. Players will quickly discover this isn’t something that can be done as the player will just phase through the dispenser entirely with no way to interact with it.

This is a bug that has been reported by enough players that Bethesda is aware of it. Bethesda released the following statement on its support page:

“We are aware of an issue that prevents the completion of the objective “Repair Prickett’s Fort token dispenser” where the token dispenser does not have an interact prompt. This will be resolved in a future update.”

There’s no telling how long it’ll take to receive a fix but players can rest easy knowing Bethesda is aware of the issue. We’ll be sure to let you know once a fix is made. As of right now, this appears to be the only quest that is downright bugged enough to prevent it from being completed.

If only we had a beta to catch things like this from making it into the final release.

Fallout 76 is out now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC through Bethesda’s online store.

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