Clay Pigeon Shooter Locations in Fortnite (Season 6)

Fortnite Clay Pigeon Shooter Locations Season 6

It’s time for another round of Fortnite challenges and this week is bringing back an old favorite. For this challenge, you will need to obtain a score of three or better when playing the clay pigeon shooter mini-game. This is easier said than done since the machine fires the targets rather fast, so you’ll need to be accurate.

Since this challenge appeared last season, the clay pigeon shooter locations did not change for this season. For this challenge, we recommend bringing an assault rifle or shotgun since these are the easiest to use. Sniper rifles are generally too slow and SMGs can be quite inaccurate at medium range.

Here are the locations of every clay pigeon shooter in Fortnite:

  • E4 – At the campsite northeast of Leaky Lake
  • G2 – By the covered bridge between Lazy Links and Tomato Temple
  • B4 – Northwest of the Corrupted Zone by Pleasant Park
  • I4 – North of Lonely Lodge 
  • D8 – By the cliffs south of Shifty Shafts

Remember, this is far easier to complete in Squads or Disco Domination. Firing your gun at the pigeons will give away your position, so be mindful of your surroundings. It’s possible that someone will take a shot at you while you’re focused on the targets. The last thing you want is to be killed right as you’re about to finish a challenge.

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