Every Commemorative Token Location in Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Commemorative Tokens

There are quite a few unique missions you’ll need to finish in Hitman 2, but one of the oddest involves collecting Commemorative Tokens on the Isle of Sgail. Apart of the Final Club questline, users will need to first obtain the disguise of an initiate and then scour parts of the island for 10 coins. While Hitman 2 gives you a general idea of their location, it’s up to you to find them all.

Here is the location of all 10 Commemorative Tokens in Hitman 2:

Tokens 1-2

Your first two tokens can be found on the body of the initiate that’s by the Upper Courtyard and Effigy Stage. He will occasionally walk towards a little side room to the right of the stage and ponder. You can toss a coin around the corner to lure him away from the crowd for an easy knockout.

When he is taken care of, two Commemorative Tokens and his VIP pass will be dropped. Take these coins and stash his body in the nearby container right down the hall or in the tall grass.

Tokens 3-4

From the hallway, you stashed the Initiate’s body in, head north down the path until you reach The Crypt. In here there will be a candle in the back left corner which has a token next to it. Most of the tokens are located right by candles, so use this as a visual aid if you can’t find them.

Now turn around and enter the other part of The Crypt that’s separated by a broken wall. Inside there are two armed guards, so be careful when getting your next token. Directly to your right in the new room, you should see a tomb on a raised platform. Next to this coffin is a candle with your fourth token.

Tokens 5-7

The next set of tokens can be found in the Lower Courtyard. On your way back look for something you can throw like a wrench, crowbar, or can of soda. When you get to the Lower Courtyard you should see a cage hanging to the left of the stage. This cage is inaccessible normally, but you can throw an object at the base to dislodge the tokens.

As long as the object you throw isn’t lethal than the guard nearby won’t care. Collect the coins that fall and you can move onto the final set of tokens.

Tokens 8-10

Now turn around and head back up the incline to the Upper Courtyard. Take the first left and then a right towards the cliffs. Drop down onto the ground and grab the token right next to you by the candle. Once you have this token, use the grass as cover and go to your right until you reach an area where you can climb up a broken beam.

After you’ve scaled up to the castle wall, your 9th coin can be found in the Gargoyle’s mouth right in front of you. Now turn around and head towards the entrance that’s guarded. Right by the crate, you can find the final coin by a candle.

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