Fallout 76 Level Cap & SPECIAL Cap

Fallout 76 Level Cap


Since your progress in Fallout 76 carried over from the beta there are some players that have a head start over players who are starting brand new from the start.

As a result, there are probably several players wondering when their character will stop leveling in terms of both overall and with their SPECIAL perks. Lucky for you we have the answer to when both of those things will stop leveling.

The level cap for all intents and purposes in Fallout 76 is level 50. Level 50 is when your SPECIAL points will stop coming in, according to Todd Howard, which means you won’t be progressing your different attributes further after this point. There are many things you can do to gain experience in this game so you might find yourself hitting level 50 a lot quicker than you may have in games past. While you can keep going past this point there will be diminishing returns.

Things like crafting, killing, questing and discovering new locations will all give you experience so essentially you’ll just level up by playing the game normally. This is very familiar to how Fallout games have operated in the past as just about anything gives you experience.

As for your SPECIAL, those points will cap at 15. This means you only have 50 SPECIAL points to spread out so you’ll be able to max three of your categories at the most with five other points to spare. Once you reach the level cap you will continue to earn perk cards but you won’t be able to keep dumping points into categories.

There are many different perk cards in the game so it’s important to keep focusing on leveling up despite running out of SPECIAL points. Your cards can be combined together to form better cards so you really can’t have enough cards.

Fallout 76 is out now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC through Bethesda’s online store.

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