Fortnite: Secret Battle Star Location Week 7, Season 6

Week 7 Season 6 Secret Battle Star Fortnite

Another week of Fortnite challenges and loading screens has been leaked. With “Kevin” the cube officially destroyed, the world of Fortnite has been permanently changed. Thankfully, this hasn’t affected this week’s Secret Battle Star, so you can still get a free tier. Remember, the Secret Battle Star will not appear unless you’ve completed every Week 7 challenge.

Week 7’s Secret Battle Star is located on a destroyed boat at Leaky Lake. When you jump from the bus head towards the east end of this location. You’ll want to land on a large rock that’s coming out of the water. On the top of this rock is an abandoned boat – this is where you will find Week 7’s Secret Battle Star. If you’re having trouble finding this rock, it’s right by the entrance to the east river that drains into the lake.

This Battle Star isn’t going to send you out of your way, so expect some people to drop at Leaky Lake. We recommend looting a chest or picking up a rifle before going for this Battle Star. The last thing you want is to get killed while you’re trying to nab the Secret Battle Star.

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