Tips for Killing the Grafton Monster in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Grafton Monster

There are a lot of terrifying beasts in Fallout 76, but one of the strangest is the Grafton Monster. This hulking, pale abomination is capable of tanking a lot of damage and dishing out a ton of punishment. Thankfully, if you play smart and come prepared, this irradiated behemoth won’t stand a chance.

The Grafton Monster has a minimum level of 10, so don’t expect to fight this thing and win early on. Looking at the base version of the Grafton Monster it has 150 Damage Resistance, 25 Energy Resistance, 100 Poison Resistance, and is completely immune to Radiation damage. Because of this, you will want to weaken this foe with explosive before engaging.

We had a lot of success setting a small minefield and then luring the Grafton Monster into those explosives. Alternatively, you can hurl grenades and Molotov cocktails at him or blow up cars that it’s near. The Grafton Monster has a few basic melee attacks, but it also can throw a tar bomb from a considerable range and it boasts a small AoE (Area of Effect) attack.

Don’t try to fight this beast up close since it can deal a substantial amount of damage with its fists. Instead, use high ground and places the monster can’t fit to turn the tide of battle. While you will still need to avoid the tar bombs, this is way easier to do on a rooftop than on the ground. The Grafton Monster also cannot fit into normal doorways, so try to lure it near areas it can’t chase you into.

If this isn’t an option, keep moving during the fight. This big lug is quite nimble when it needs to be, so try to always maintain a healthy distance between you two. Any type of high caliber weapon is preferred when fighting the Grafton Monster. While you can kill it with machine gun fire, it’s high damage resistance will make you use a ton of bullets. The Flamer is also a decent option, especially if you are fighting from a  room it can’t enter.

It may take a few tries or a buddy, but if you play smart you can easily kill this monster. Just make sure to use your environment and the unique ability to fit indoors. Now get out there Vault Dweller and show them who’s the boss!

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