Handmade Rifle Location & Stats in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Handmade Rifle

The Handmade Rifle is one of the best automatic weapons in Fallout 76. Despite a pretty average fire rate stat, it sports decent range and damage. This makes it highly desirable for those not specializing in non-automatic, explosives, or energy weapons. Sadly, acquiring this weapon is a bit harder than others and will require a lot of luck.

So far we have not found any Handmade Rifles just laying around in the wild. Unlike the Minigun or Black Powder Rifle, the Handmade Rifle appears to only be awarded as a random drop. Because of this, we suggest you go to any Supply Drops and try to shoot down Cargo Bots that are flying around. Additionally, there have also been reports of people earning this weapon by completing Events.

Keep in mind the Handmade Rifle has a minimum level requirement of 15, so don’t expect to get this rifle if you’re just starting out. A less conventional method of getting the Handmade Rifle or Handmade Rifle plans is by trading or selling it to another player. We suggest checking out the F076 Bazaar Reddit page, as players will often try to get rid of items they don’t want.

If you’re considering grabbing the Handmade Rifle, here is a breakdown of this weapon’s stats:

  • Minimum Level -15
  • Minimum Crafting Level – 25
  • Ammo – 5.56
  • Damage – 20 (Ballistic)
  • Fire Rate – 40
  • Range – 120/228
  • Accuracy – 65
  • Weight – 13.6
  • Value – 107 Caps

For comparison, the more commonly found Assault Rifle deals 17 damage per bullet and only has an increased accuracy stat. This makes the Handmade rifle better for those who want to get in close and pour on the damage. If you come across the weapon during your travels we recommend hanging onto it because the gun is pretty rare, even without any Legendary modifications.

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