New Hitman 2 Trailers Showcases Ways to Kill The Undying (Sean Bean)

Hitman 2 Elusive Target

Assassination targets in the Hitman series range from the weird to the downright vile. Longtime fans of the franchises have killed everything from an opera singer to drug lord to Gary Busey. Now a new foe has come to challenge our killing prowess and we only have one chance to complete the job. Hitman 2’s first Elusive Target officially goes live today and IO Interactive have released a final trailer detailing a few methods for killing this man.

The target is called “The Undying,” and is played by actor Sean Bean. In this mode, players will have one chance to kill their target. If something goes wrong or they fail, then they won’t have another chance at killing him. This makes careful planning vital, especially for those who want to go the Silent Assassin route.

HITMAN 2 – Sean Bean Elusive Target Full Mission BriefingYou only have 14 days to eliminate Mark Faba, played by Sean Bean, in HITMAN 2’s first Elusive Target starting November 20th. Fail and the mission disappears forever. To learn more about HITMAN 2, please visit or join the HITMAN conversation on: Twitter (@Hitman) Facebook (@Hitman) Instagram (@Hitman_Official) YouTube (Hitman) Twitch (Hitman) Discord (Hitman)2018-11-20T14:00:06.000Z

In the new video, we learn that The Undying will be hanging out exclusively in the Kronstadt building. He’s route seems tied to the second floor, which is going to make killing him tricky due to the high number of guards and civilians. One method showcased is to disguise yourself as an employee and sneak in. We recommend going as a Kronstadt employee since they are less recognizable than the guards.

Another method showcased is to take  Faber out with a sniper rifle. If you plan to go this route we strongly recommend you get the Sieger 300 Ghost first. This can be unlocked via a Marrakesh challenge and is one of the best rifles in the game. Make sure to take your time and line up your shot. If you can kill him with one bullet wait until he makes his rounds again before pulling the trigger.

It will be interesting to see what methods the communities come up with today for killing The Undying. Just make sure to be patient and you shouldn’t have any trouble with this Elusive Target.

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