How Long is Hitman 2 (2018)?

Hitman 2018 how long

Hitman 2 is the newest game from developer IO Interactive and it’s undoubtedly the biggest entry in the franchise. Boasting 5 new levels and an additional 5 if you purchase the Legacy Collection. Contract mode is also returning along with Elusive Targets and the new co-op mode that revolves around using a sniper rifle.

During our time with Hitman 2, it took us roughly 6 to 7 hours to finish all 5 of the new campaign levels. However, this game is designed to be played multiple times, with every mission offering different in-game quests and unique ways to kill targets. This easily gives Hitman 2 nearly limitless amount of replayability if you enjoy the core gameplay.

If you have the Legacy Collection then you’ll be able to play all the old maps from the original 2016 title. This includes 5 more maps (not including the Prologue) and a special variant of these levels for the Patient Zero DLC. This adds an additional 10 to 12 hours of gameplay if you only want to go through the missions once.

There are also a plethora of special challenges and a lot of in-game items to unlock. IO Interactive will also routinely add special targets that can only be attempted once. All of this gives Hitman a ton of replayability, but only if you really like the foundation of stalking, planning, and executing your foes.

Finally, Hitman 2 comes with a co-op sniper mode that only features one map at the time of writing this. It’s fairly short, but can be a nice distraction if you’re going for the mode’s separate challenges and items. Overall, Hitman 2 offers a solid 30-40 hours of gameplay for those willing to go back and do all the special in-game missions. How fast completing these levels will vary depending on the difficulty and your own skill level.

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