How to Use VATS in Fallout 76

How to Use VATS Fallout 76


Fallout 76 is a Fallout game which means VATS. is available in the game. If you’re a fan of the 3D Fallout titles then you likely know all about VATS.

However, since Fallout 76 is an online Fallout game there had to be some minor changes made to how several things work in the game including how VATS. works.

The feature is still in the game but instead of stopping or slowing down time it will instead keep everything in real-time. This is likely done because the game is online and it wouldn’t be fair to stop time for everybody, especially if you were using it in a player-vs-player situation.

Instead, VATS. is used to show the percentage you’ll hit an enemy but won’t actually stop or slow time. It still uses your AP like you’d expect it to but it is not nearly as powerful as it was in previous games.

On PC VATS. is activated by pressing Q which will target the nearest enemy and show you the percentage you have with hitting the enemy. For consoles, you’ll use LB or L1 depending on what console you are on.

Unless you have a lot of AP it’s hard to imagine using VATS. a whole lot in this game as it isn’t nearly as effective as it was in previous games. I found myself running out of AP very often due to my need to sprint everywhere so VATS. wasn’t something I wanted to use a lot anyway.

Fallout 76 releases November 14 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The PC release won’t be on Steam but instead will be through Bethesda’s new online store.

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