Overwatch’s New Hero Ashe Now Available on the PTR

Overwatch Ashe PTR

Blizzcon 2018 was full of surprises, but one of the biggest was the reveal of Overwatch’s newest hero, Ashe. A damage-focused character, Ashe was shown during the McCree animated short dubbed “Reunion” and was quickly announced to be the game’s next hero. While many fans got to try her out first at Blizzcon, PC players don’t have to wait any longer to give this femme fatal a try.

Now officially available on the PTR (Public Test Realm), players can try Ashe both in Quickplay and Arcade. There is no word when she will be live, but we suspect it will take a week or two since most new heroes get small tweaks to their kit before going live.

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For the unfamiliar, Ashe is a mid to long range DPS hero that sports a lever action rifle known as The Viper. Primarily fired from the hip, users can also aim down the sights for a slower, higher damage shot. She also sports a coach gun to knock enemies back or herself away from people and timed explosives.

Her ultimate B.O.B., is a powerful, hulking Omnic that rushes into battle, knocking the first enemy it hits up into the air. He will then lay down suppressive fire via his arm cannon, which does a decent amount of damage. B.O.B. can be Nano Boosted for extra damage and can even prove to be quite a potent threat if left unchecked. How this deadly duo will fit into the tank heavy meta is still unknown, but they could be just what Overwatch needs to shake up its competitive scene.

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