10 Power Rangers: All Stars Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Anybody who still gets excited when the original Power Rangers theme comes on is gonna love this.

Nexon has done Power Rangers fans a solid by bringing every generation of Rangers to a new, addictive mobile RPG. Power Rangers: All Stars gives you the lead role as you attempt to vanquish the interdimensional threats that threaten our world. Besides collecting new Rangers for your army, you’ll attain towering Megazords and even take on other players’ Ranger squads. We’re here to help you build the strongest Rangers party there is and fight for the greater good. The help we’re giving you comes in the form of this massive tips guide.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Power Rangers: All Stars:

Download the Power Rangers: All Stars APK here.

1. The Basics Behind Team Building and Battling

Power Rangers All Stars

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Power-Rangers: All Stars gives you access to a total of 51 of Rangers who’ve been lifted from different generations. As you play through the game’s various modes, you’ll acquire the pieces needed to fully unlock new Rangers. You can put together a five-Ranger team (or a six-Ranger team if you borrow a friend’s Ranger) for the game’s many battle modes.

• It’s definitely worth putting together three teams filled with Rangers who are tied to elements. Varied party lineups give you the opportunity to take advantage of Element Relationship strengths/weaknesses (more on that later). Make sure each team has a Ranger with a healing ability. The ideal team lineup you’ll want to build are two melee Rangers and three ranged Rangers (just pick the strongest Friend assist Ranger at all times.)

• Once a fight breaks out, take direct control of a melee character. You’ll need to pay attention to that Ranger type character the most since they’re usually in the range of enemies’ powerful attacks. Moving them out of the way will be a battle tactic you’ll come to employ during most battles. Your ranged Rangers tend to keep their distance, so let the AI handle their attack behaviors. Be mindful of each Ranger’s health, keep your healing ability on deck, and take advantage of special attacks (especially during boss encounters).

2. Carefully Upgrade Your Rangers and Get in Tune With the Element Relationship Graph

Power Rangers All Stars

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• As the game’s enemies grow stronger, you’ll need to continually upgrade your unlocked Rangers. As soon as you unlock a new one, pour all of the available level up items you have into them. Improving a Ranger gifts them with new abilities, makes their equipment stronger, and allows them to equip Orbs. Make sure you reach the max XP Refinery Level as soon as possible to reap the added benefits of extra
Ranger XP gained per XP Gem.

• Working with a new Ranger who just attained a decent level in an instant can help you work out different team synergies. Speaking of team synergies, head to the Team Setting screen and check out the Combo Attribute lineups for Ranger teams and specific melee or ranged Ranger teams. Putting certain teams together results in boosted stats in some key areas.

• Another team lineup aspect you need to take note of is the Elemental Relationship breakdown. When a Ranger or enemy’s element is strong against another, they’ll gain a 25-percent damage increase. If they’re weak against the element of a foe they’re encountering, their current damage output will take a 25-percent decrease. Red is strong against Yellow, Yellow is strong against Green, Green is strong against Blue, and Blue is Strong against Pink. White and Black are both strong and weak against each other. Take note of the elemental baddies you’ll encounter in each mode and build your team accordingly.

3. Complete Normal and Hard Missions, Reap the Benefits, and Unlock New Research Battles

Power Rangers All Stars

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• The Missions tab plays host to the game’s main campaign. By completing missions of the Normal and Hard variety, you’ll attain plenty of Player XP, coins, Ranger pieces, and Ranger upgrade items. Once you build up a strong enough party, head back to the missions you’ve already completed to take on harder versions of them. The rewards provided by completing hard mode missions are even better than the ones given out by normal ones. When you’re looking to farm for the rewards you truly need, use up your Clear Tickets so you can complete already completed missions without any active team participation.

• Once you unlock the Research tab on the main menu, you can dispatch any of your Rangers to take on a singular enemy they’ve already encountered. New Research battles are unlocked by completing specific hard mode missions. Research battles are timed endeavors that you don’t have to actively participate in – just send your Rangers off, wait until the timer runs out, and grab your rewards. And don’t worry – the Rangers you send out for Research battles can also be used in other modes while the timer is running down. Setting up Research battles is worth doing when you need to keep your Rangers busy while you step away from the game for a while.

4. Finish All Your Daily Missions Before You Log-Off and Put Some of Your Stamina Towards Dimensional Exploration

• Each day you log-in, you’re given five Daily Missions to complete. The main goodies you’ll acquire by completing these missions are Ranger Equipment Evolution Materials. You can beat a single Daily Mission up to six times. Another mission type you can participate it are Dimensional Exploration tasks. Each of these missions can be completed up to five times.

• Gain the first time clear reward and repeat clear reward for both mission types on a daily basis. Beat a Daily Mission and Dimensional Exploration mission actively for the first time, then use any available Clear Tickets you have to reach the mission completion limit. If you don’t have enough Clear Tickets left to accomplish that goal, just replay those missions again and beat ’em the old fashioned way. Grab all the available items they gift you with every day if you can!

5. So What’s That Whole Power Pass Thing About?

Power Rangers All Stars

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• On the main menu, there’s a set of icons in the top right corner of the screen. Click on the very first icon to be taken to the Power Pass menu. The Power Pass Event listed here is a seasonal challenge that awards you with assorted items as you reach new tier levels. You can acquire Tier Points that goes towards your tier level progress just by playing through the game. If you want to purchase the Mega Power Pass and gain access to even better rewards per tier level, be our guest. But you don’t really need to splurge all that real world currency on it – all the items a Mega Power Pass promises you can be acquired through sheer will and patience the more you you play.

6. Keep an Eye on the Challenges You Completed or are About to Complete and Check In!

• On the bottom right corner of the main menu lies the Challenges tab. Click on it to check out the full list of Daily, Weekly, Achievement, and Repeat Area challenges you’ve completed or are close to completing. A whole host of rewards are given out for completing each challenge type. If you manage to complete five daily challenges, you’ll walk away with some extra Player XP and Crystals!

Power Rangers: All Stars is super generous towards dedicated players. The Beginner Calendar gifts daily items to first-time players who check in for the first nine days of their playthrough. And the monthly check-in calendar gifts out all sorts of goodies as you check in over a 30-day period.

7. Orb Missions are Tougher Than You Think…

Power Rangers All Stars

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• During your first few moments with the game, Doctor K will advise you to complete the first set of Guided Challenges. Focus on getting through the 15 challenges asked of you to gain access to your first Megazord. By the time you unlock it, you should have the proper Ranger set needed to summon it during Orb Missions. Orb Missions are quite the challenge. You can summon your Megazord once the final big baddies enters. But if your Megazord is unable to take it down before it’s forced to leave the battle, then that big boss will easily destroy your Rangers. Focus on unlocking new Megazords before you take on newly unlocked Orb Missions.

8. It Sure is Nice to Have Friends and Have the Support of an Alliance…

• Once you unlock the Friends tab, take a quick trip inside. Check out the Recommended Friends listing to send out several friend requests. Having a couple of buddies in tow has two major benefits – you can use their Rangers in battle as a sixth team ally and receive hearts from them. These hearts can then be used in the Special Shop to acquire more stamina. Being a good friend goes a long way towards making the most of the Alliance and Alliance Raid options as well. Join an Alliance and you’ll be able to participate in raids, trade items, face challenges, and acquire boosts! Just be sure to align yourself with an active Alliance that has a substantial player base.

9. Watch Those Video Advertisements and Pay a Visit to Both Shops on a Daily Basis

Power Rangers All Stars

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• All the way to the left side of the main menu lies the Watch Ads option. If you’re looking to get a free set of coins or crystals for free, just click on the play button and sit through a quick video ad. It takes a while for this option to become available again, which means you’ll get to use it just once per day.

• The coins that come your way can be used to pick up a few items in the regular Shop, plus there’s plenty of other things to purchase through the Valor, Alliance, and Rift Shops. You can also head to the Special Shop and and purchase Summons, Packages, Crystals, Resources, and Stamina. You’ll only need to spend your time in the Special Shop to perform Ranger Summons – it’s pretty easy to pick up Stamina, Crystals, and Resources for free just by playing the game.

10. Increase Your Player Level to Unlock the Game’s Other Modes

• In the top left corner of the main menu lies a number and your chosen player name. That number represents your overall Player Level. As you reach new Player Level’s, new modes of play become available to you. Your overall max stamina also increases, plus you’ll receive extra stamina on top of it! Plus the max level limit your Rangers can attain increases. Another added benefit of boosting your Player Level is the increase in the max amount of Friends you can have.

• Refer to the list below to see the unlocked modes that come with newly reached Player Level’s:

Missions: unlocked from the start
Friends: unlocked at Player Level Six
Daily Missions (Normal): unlocked at Player Level Seven
Dimensional Exploration: unlocked at Player Level Eight
Research: unlocked at Player Level 10
Alliance: unlocked at Player Level 12
Dimensional Rift (the PvP arena): unlocked at Player Level 15
Alliance Raid: unlocked 24-hours after joining an Alliance

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