How to Skydive Through Floating Rings in Fortnite

Fortnite Skydive Through Floating Rings

Week 7, Season 6’s challenges have been leaked and they might be the easiest ones so far. While other Fortnite challenges task players with ringing doorbells or collecting specific items, most of this week’s challenges can be finished by just playing the game. The only truly involved challenge has users skydiving through floating rings.

If you’re a Fortnite veteran than you should be quite familiar with this challenge. For this mission, you’ll need to skydive through 20 rings that are scattered all throughout the map. This is quite easy since you can typically hit 3 to 4 on your way down. While we don’t know if you can jump through the rings after the initial drop, we suggest you don’t worry about this challenge.

Just make sure to drop in different locations each match to assure you hit new rings. Remember, the rings will get smaller the closer you get to the ground, so you’ll need to actually aim. Not all of the rings will be over popular drop locations, so make sure you don’t end up stranded in the middle of nowhere because of this challenge.

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