Spirits Revealed For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Spirits Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The final Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is finally here and we got an in-depth look at a brand new game mode. Dubbed “Spirits,” this new mode allows players to power their fighters up with the spirits of other, non-playable characters. This has replaced the trophy system in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and will have a variety of different challenges for users to complete.

Spirits act as buffs in this mode and come in four different rarities – Novice, Advanced, Ace, and Legend. You can earn Spirits by winning matches within this mode that have a variety of stipulations and specific requirements.

The spirit you have attached to your fighter is called a “Primary Spirit.” However, this spirit can come with slots which are filled with “Support Spirits.” These add additional buffs and the game will suggest certain Support Spirits for your character.

In traditional Nintendo fashion, you can train Spirits to improve their stats. Users can also form teams of spirits and send them out into the wild to collect loot. They will hunt for gold even if you’re not playing, so it’s worth sending them out.

This is a fairly advanced mode and you can play against other human players who are using Spirits. You will need to focus on improving your fighter’s numbers so they can compete against more difficult spirits. Remember, you don’t need to play this mode, as it’s simply a new way to play the game.

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